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Safestyle double glazing windows house exterior

Image credit: Safestyle

Safestyle is one of the UK’s largest double glazing windows installers. Their windows are made with high-quality materials, and the company offers a price match guarantee that helps keep the cost of their products low while also working with premium alternatives. The business was founded in 1992 and manufactures its windows and doors in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. 

Safestyle works with several different styles and glass types for their double glazing windows, including casement, sash, bay, French or tilt and turn. The most popular products the company offers are uPVC casement windows, which are A-rated and can achieve outstanding heat retention and minimum heat loss. This can help reduce your energy bills, keep your house warm and eliminate draughts.

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Technical information

Safestyle is one of the UK’s leading companies specialising in double glazing windows. Their high-quality, energy-efficient products are affordable and include fitting. The windows are available in casement, sash, French, tilt and turn and bay styles and come in a variety of finishes such as grey, cream, white, black, oak and rosewood. Safestyle installations have been awarded the TrustMark accreditation, and the company regularly receives five-star ratings for its customer service. 

  • Energy efficiency: A-Rated. 
  • Available styles: Casement, sash, French, tilt and turn and bay
  • Available finishes: Oak, rosewood, white, cream, black, grey and more 
  • Financing: Two years interest-free available
  • Price range: £250–£1,050 with same day quoting available

Key features

  • Impressive energy efficiency: All of Safestyle’s windows are rated A for energy efficiency. Their EcoDiamond and Legacy sliding sash are also endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust. 
  • Good variety of windows: Safestyle offers five types of frames (casement, sash, tilt and turn, French and bay) and four glass options (bevelled, fret, leaded and obscure). Their double glazing window frames are also available in up to 23 different colours and finishes.
  • 10-year guarantee: Safestyle offers a 10-year transferable guarantee on all its windows. This includes the replacement or repair of all faulty products, even if the owner of the property has changed.
  • Eco-friendly: Safestyle recycles over 16,000 tonnes of materials each year. It buys back old windows during replacement and either reuses or recycles as much material as it can.

Pros and cons

Before deciding on where to buy your double glazing windows, it’s important to shop around and get quotes from several companies, then weigh up the benefits and downsides of each provider. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Safestyle double glazing windows:


  • Certified installers: Safestyle installers are TrustMark certified. The company is also accredited by the Glass and Glazing Federation and the Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme (FENSA). This means that the people installing your double glazing windows are always compliant with building regulations. 
  • Lowest price: Safestyle double glazing windows are very affordable. In fact, the company will match its competitors’ fees if you can show them a copy of your quote for a window of the same size, design and quality (one claim allowed per customer).
  • Two years interest-free finance: You can finance your double glazing windows with 24 months’ interest-free credit and a 0% APR representative. Other options include a Buy Now Pay in 12 Months plan (11.9% APR representative) and Low Rate Monthly Finance (9.9% APR representative).


  • Sales teams work on commission: Because Safestyle’s sales team works on commission, some customers have reported attempts to sell windows for the maximum possible price and quickly. You should always understand average pricing before you buy your windows. It’s also best to get different quotes from various suppliers to compare. 
  • No installation quality control: Although Safestyle installers are TrustMark certified, the installation of these double glazing windows is also done by contract, which means the company cannot control the quality of surveyors and fitters.
  • Poor aftercare service: Some customers have reported poor customer and aftercare service. They say it can be hard to reach Safestyle if you have a faulty window.

How Safestyle double glazing windows work

Safestyle double glazing windows sash window with bottom tilted open

Safestyle’s sash-style double glazing windows can be made with either sliding or tilting opening mechanisms. (Image credit: Safestyle)

Double glazing windows offer several benefits when compared to single glazing. Firstly, they can help you improve your home’s energy efficiency because they have an extra layer of insulation that helps with heat retention. But double glazing windows can also reduce noise pollution.

uPVC windows are also highly durable; these windows can last for as long as 30 years (provided they are well maintained). The material is also completely safe and non-toxic, as it’s highly regulated during manufacture. Compared to timber, uPVC doesn’t rot or swell. It’s also more thermally efficient than aluminium, more cost-effective than both and more weather resilient – particularly during the cold British winter. 

Safestyle manufactures and installs its windows under several regulations and belongs to numerous quality insurance schemes and bodies. These include FENSA, TrustMark, The Glass and Glazing Federation, Energy Savings Trust, and FEEFO Gold Trust Award 2017.

How do Safestyle double glazing windows compare with others?

Safestyle double glazing windows are high-quality and come in a variety of styles and materials that make them an excellent option for many homes looking to improve their energy efficiency. 

The products are comparable to those offered by Anglian and Everest, two good double glazing windows experts. Anglian is recognised for the quality of its windows. However, the company has a TrustPilot rating of 80% (Safestyle and Everest are both at 86%). Everest, on the other hand, offers a standard 10-year guarantee and a lifetime guarantee for flaking and discolouration of white uPVC. Safestyle’s guarantee is 10 years. 

Where Safestyle stands out is in its customer satisfaction (mostly rated excellent) and its dedication to reducing waste by reusing or recycling as much material from old windows as possible. Their Legacy sliding sash and EcoDiamond windows are also endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust – making Safestyle a perfect eco-conscious choice.

How much do Safestyle double glazing windows cost?

Safestyle double glazing windows can vary considerably in price depending on the model, the installation scope and the product quality. For example, standard white casement windows are much cheaper than bay windows, which can cost £400 or more for each section. 

To determine the price of your double glazing window installation, you should consider the type of glass (decorative glass, for example, will cost more), the style (usually casement, sash, French, tilt and turn or bay) and the project scope (it will be cheaper to fit a single-storey house than a two-storey). 

An estimate of the price for Safestyle double glazing windows is as follows:

Type of windowEstimated price
Tilt and turn£400-£675
Bay£400+ per section

Installation and maintenance of Safestyle double glazing windows

Safestyle lists six steps when choosing to replace or install new double glazing windows. 

The first is to get a quote. You can arrange for a representative to visit your property, take measurements, and assess any relevant factors. Then, you will have six months to decide if you want to make the purchase (the price will be valid for 12 months). Once you have a quote, a surveyor will revisit your property to carry out a detailed survey and go through the final designs. At this point, Safestyle will begin manufacturing your windows and get in touch when they are ready.

Installing Safestyle windows will require an expert fitter. Installation teams will remove your old windows (and recycle them) and install the new ones – all using dust sheets to ensure your home is kept clean. The fitter will then explain how the windows work. Once you are satisfied, they will take the payment. 

You can maintain your Safestyle windows by washing the uPVC at least twice a year with soapy water and cleaning the glass regularly using liquid spray glass cleaner. You shouldn’t use abrasive cream cleaners, bleach or adhesive on uPVC windows or doors. 

Safestyle double glazing windows are guaranteed for 10 years. This includes manufacturing faults and repairs due to everyday use. Repairs and replacements are also free of charge – although, as we mentioned, some customers have reported having to call Safestyle a couple of times before talking to a representative to arrange a visit.

Safestyle double glazing windows French style

Safestyle double glazing windows require minimal maintenance once installed. (Image credit: Safestyle)

What professionals say

“Overall, Safestyle offers very high quality double glazing, with some of the best product reviews on the market. Their windows and frames are manufactured in the UK, and the company invests heavily in new technology for strengthening glass, improving seals, and for improving energy efficiency.” 

“Safestyle UK focuses purely on uPVC windows and doors. On the one hand, this limits you solely to uPVC – but on the other, you’re dealing with experts in a specific field. Safestyle UK offers a range of different window styles, including tilt and turn. If you’re particularly eco-conscious, Safestyle is a good option.” 

“Safestyle UK has been installing windows and doors in Wales and England for over 20 years. It offers you a quote online with just one form to fill in. They are one of the few companies to give you a quote on the same day and not keep the customers waiting.” 

Ana Kukoska via Green Match

Customer reviews

“The quote I had was very competitive. Installation date and a friendly professional team arrived and worked hard even though it was a very hot day. One of the replacement windows to be replaced was a lot bigger and one other smaller so required brick work and plastering on the inside and out. All carried out without fuss and to a high standard.” 

“We had three windows replaced at the front of our house (incl. two bays). The whole process from start to finish was really quick and straightforward. All the Safestyle staff we met were friendly and professional. The work took around 6 hours in total and they left the work areas really clean and tidy.” 

“The sales reps from the other companies were pushy and very rude at times. Their prices were also a lot higher for substandard products when compared to Safestyle UK. Safestyle UK have since helped me by replacing all of the doors and windows in home. I really cannot fault them!” 

Final recommendation

Safestyle offers a good variety of double glazing windows in uPVC, available in different colours and glass types. For eco-conscious customers, this company is a great way to keep a home energy efficient, quiet and secure. The EcoDiamond and Legacy sliding sash windows, in particular, are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust and can help reduce your energy bills and keep your house warm. The company is also committed to reducing their waste and operates recycling centres for old windows. Safestyle windows do not appear to be expensive, but it’s always better to ask for several quotes before making a decision. Overall, if you’re looking for uPVC double glazing windows, Safestyle has an excellent range and a lengthy record of satisfied customers.


We considered several factors when reviewing the Safestyle double glazing windows. We mostly focused on five criteria: design, durability, efficiency, performance and the guarantee on offer. We also compared Safestyle to some of the best double glazing windows in the UK market. We also took into consideration professional and customer reviews of the different Safestyle double glazing window products and evaluated their maintenance requirements and price. The weight of the factors we analysed is as follows:

  • Design (20%)
  • Durability (20%)
  • Efficiency (25%)
  • Performance (25%)
  • Guarantee (10%)

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