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Everest double glazing windows bay

Image credit: Everest

Everest offers truly bespoke double glazing windows that are entirely designed, manufactured and installed by the company. The products are affordable and of excellent quality, but more importantly: They lead the market in both energy efficiency and security. Everest’s casement windows have an average rating of A+ (or A++ for triple glazing) and sash windows are A-rated. 

You can choose from three different styles: uPVC double glazing windows, aluminium windows and wooden windows – each available also in a variety of designs such as casement, sash, bay, tilt and turn and secondary glazing. While casement windows provide the highest energy and sound insulation, sash alternatives are perfect for period properties that want to retain a classic styling. Everest also offers an option to add secondary glazing so you can retain your old ones but avoid draughts.

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Technical information

Everest manufactures and installs A to A++ rated windows made-to-measure that can help you reduce heating bills and find the perfect solution for each of your home’s spaces. Everest double glazing windows come in three materials – uPVC, wood and aluminium, and a variety of designs and colours. Their window range includes casement, sash, tilt and turn and bay styles. The company also specialises in secondary glazing, so you can add double-glazed protection for houses with planning restrictions, such as listed buildings. 

  • Energy efficiency: A or A+ for double glazing, A++ for triple glazing 
  • Available materials: uPVC, wood and aluminum 
  • Window range: Casement, sash, secondary, tilt and turn and bay
  • Security: ‘Secured by Design’ certified (British Security Standards)
  • Average price for new double glazing windows: £500 to £3,200 per window, depending on options
  • Guarantee: 10 years standard, 20 years uPVC and lifetime guarantee available (for an extra cost)

Key features

  • Thermal efficiency: All Everest uPVC double glazing casement windows are rated A+ as standard. This means the windows can help you save money on energy bills and significantly reduce draughts. Triple glazing Everest windows have an impressive energy efficiency of A++.
  • Safe and secure: Everest windows are ‘Secured by Design’ (SBD) certified. They exceed British Security Standards and are validated by the official Police initiative. Compared to non-SBD sites, SBD developments are up to 75% less likely to be burgled and have a reduction of 25% in criminal damage.
  • Reduce noise pollution: The company’s double glazing windows have been awarded the ‘Quiet Mark’ accreditation. The specially-designed Everest noise-reducing glass can help you reduce sound by up to 40dB.

Pros and cons

Before choosing a company to install your double glazing windows, it’s important to shop around and find out the pros and cons of each installer. Here are some of the upsides and downsides of Everest that we found during our research.


  • Truly bespoke: Everest windows are genuinely designed to meet your needs. You can choose not just the material (uPVC, timber or aluminium) but also the furniture and handles, locking system and glazing type (including obscure, noise reducing, decorative, colour and double or triple glazing glass). 
  • Transparent prices: Because all products are made-to-measure, there are no online prices available for Everest windows. However, once you get a quote from a professional installer, you will have a transparent view of  everything included in the price, from the cost of the windows to installation, aftercare and guarantees.
  • Excellent range of glass: Everest offers an unmatched number of glass options for your windows, including energy-saving and noise-reducing double and triple glazed glass, energy saver security and toughened glass. There are also low-iron and obscure glass alternatives (including acid-etched and textured).


  • Poor customer service: Numerous users have reported issues when contacting customer services, including cancelled aftercare appointments and difficulty reaching the contact centre.
  • Not part of the Energy Saving Trust: Unlike its competitors Anglian and Safestyle, Everest windows are not endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust. The company is, however, a member of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and its products are accredited by the British Standards Institute (BSI). 
  • Bad installer experiences: There have also been reports of installers doing a poor job and customers complaining about wrong colours, mismatched handles and incomplete assignments.

How do Everest double glazing windows work?

Everest double glazing windows casement

Everest makes all of its double glazing windows to order, so a technician will have to measure your windows for an accurate quote. (Image credit: Everest)

Double glazing windows can improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce noise. By using two panels of glass separated by a space bar, the layer of gas that lives between them creates an insulation barrier that can help your house be warmer and quieter. When coupled with acoustic glass, double-glazed windows can also increase your soundproofing even further.

Everest offers a good range of colours and finishes imitating natural woodgrain. You can choose the traditional uPVC white or go for a more contemporary Chartwell Green or Anthracite Black. You can also pick one colour for the inside of your home and another for the exterior.

If well maintained, quality windows can last for the lifetime of a property. Timber options will, however, require regular paintwork throughout their life.

How do Everest double glazing windows compare to others?

Everest has one significant advantage over some of its competitors: its double glazing windows are genuinely bespoke and made-to-fit. They also offer a wide range of materials, colours and styles, including an unmatched number of glass options. For example, you can make your choice based on energy efficiency (energy saving triple glazed), noise reduction (noise reducing double glazed), or safety and security (toughened glass or energy saver security glass). Everest also offers obscure glass (acid-etched and textured) and low-iron glass for superior visibility. 

Unlike other brands, you can mix and match different colours and glass styles – not just for each window in your home but also inside the window itself. For instance, you can have a double-glazed unit with low-iron on one side and toughened or obscure glass on the other. 

The products are comparable to those offered by Anglian and Safestyle – both excellent double glazing windows manufacturers and installers. Anglian is renowned for the quality of the windows it provides but has a TrustPilot rating of 80%. Safestyle and Everest both have a rating of 86%, but where Safestyle only offers a 10-year guarantee, Everest has a lifetime guarantee for discolouration and flaking and a 30-year timber window guarantee.

How much do Everest double glazing windows cost?

The average price for new Everest double glazing windows is between £500 and £3,200 per window, depending on your preferred options. There are several factors that need to be considered when quoting a new installation; for instance, the style of the frame, the size, the materials and the number of windows. 

Everest does not show average prices on their website because all their windows are bespoke and made to fit the customers’ specific requirements. They offer over 77 styles of double glazing windows, and many homes require installations that are not of standard size. An installer should always visit your home because they can give you an accurate cost. 

A general estimate of the price for each type of window, as explained on Everest’s website, is as follows:

Type of windowEstimated price
Sash30% more than casement
Bay100% more than casement

Aluminium frames are 25% more expensive than uPVC but 25% cheaper than timber. Grey and wood grain uPVC are also about 10-15% more expensive than white uPVC.

Installation and maintenance of Everest double glazing windows

Everest double glazing windows green

Everest double glazing windows come in a variety of colour and finish choices, including Chartwell Green. (Image credit: Everest)

Everest offers completely bespoke double glazing window solutions, so you will have to get a technician to survey your property and take careful measurements. You will then be offered a number of sizes, styles and colours for the frames and will have to pick the materials and glass to be used, as well as any furniture and handles. 

The installation of Everest windows includes all trims, fixings and sealants. The teams can also dispose of your old windows. You should always make sure your installers are registered with a competent person scheme such as FENSA

You can book a free quotation directly with Everest through their website. The company can provide you with a full property review and a seven-day no-obligation quote with a price promise guarantee. 

Everest offers three types of guarantees. The 10-year guarantee is the standard one and covers all parts and materials, provided the product is correctly maintained. The 20-year guarantee is offered with all uPVC Exclusives windows free of charge and also covers discolouration, fogging and condensation between panels. There is also a premium lifetime guarantee at a charge. All guarantee options are transferable to new owners should you sell your house during the warranty period.

What professionals say

“While Everest are unlikely to be the cheapest quote you receive, the exceptional quality of their windows means they offer high value for money. They also match a like for like quote that you receive from another installer, so it’s always worth shopping around to see if you can get a better deal.” 

“Everest offers a combination of quality doors and windows, with relatively affordable costs if you can get a good quote. The double glazing manufacturer stands out for local factories producing glazing in Kent and Wales, which means that most of its products are manufactured in the UK.” 

“Everest windows deliver incredible value for money when it comes to their range of windows, doors and conservatories. Whilst the cheapest products on the market are not always quite so cheerful, Everest ensure you are left satisfied with a quality product that also suits your budget with many price promotions offered throughout the year.” 

What customers say

“The whole process was very efficient from the sales team through to installation. I was contacted earlier than expected to let me know the product was ready and if I wished the installation could be brought forward. The installation team arrived on time and completed the installation in good time and explained and demonstrated how each of the products worked.” 

“French windows replaced by Everest. These are much more secure, and much better quality, than the existing set that had come with the house. The installers were very professional and efficient, and tidied up well after themselves.” 

“Could not be more delighted with Everest and my new windows. Living in a grade II listed building I was a little intrepid about putting in planning for (Wooden framed) double glazing, but having engaged the planner in advance and Everest taking on the listed buildings consent, it all went through without any issues!” 

Final recommendation

Everest is one of the best options for purchasing double glazing windows in the UK. Their products are not just made to fit; they are also available in an impressive number of styles and materials and offer numerous handles, furniture and glass styles. By combining these, you can create specific windows to meet the needs of each room in your home.


We considered several factors when writing this Everest double glazing windows review. We focused mainly on five criteria: Design, durability, efficiency and performance. We also compared Everest to some of the best double glazing window manufacturers and installers in the UK market and took into consideration professional and customer reviews. Lastly, we evaluated maintenance requirements, guarantee and price of the windows. The weight of the factors we analysed is as follows:

  • Design (20%)
  • Durability (20%)
  • Efficiency (25%)
  • Performance (25%)
  • Guarantee (10%)

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