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Britelite double glazing windows Georgian casement in white uPVC

Image credit: Britelite

Established in 1970, Britelite has been designing double glazing windows for over 50 years. The UK-based company develops high-quality double glazing windows to perfectly complement any home. The windows are safe and secure and good at keeping the warmth inside your house.

Although double glazing technology is not new, Britelite has been capitalising on it by creating window designs that come with optimal energy efficiency and security features. Their range of casement windows complement all types of houses, allowing you to maintain your home’s original design while enjoying the benefits of modern materials. 

Britelite’s double glazing windows have an enormous range of colours, styles and sizes to choose from, as well as two window materials – aluminium and uPVC. Installing these windows will significantly reduce your energy bills. 

Apart from energy efficiency, these windows are secure. They have the company’s SAC multi shootbolt locking system designed to withstand attacks by force. Additionally, the frames are internally beaded, meaning they can’t be lifted from the outside. 

Britelite has continuously invested in double glazed windows over the years. Since 2013, they have achieved an A+ energy efficiency rating. Britelite also has the coveted BSI Kitemark for all products, meaning they have been independently vetted for quality. The windows are backed by a 10-year guarantee. 

Looking at customer reviews on Trustpilot, the products have a high rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

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Technical information

Britelite’s double glazing windows are designed using glazing technology, making them ideal for optimal energy efficiency. The design uses soft-coat, low-E glass and a five-chambered window to maximise thermal and acoustic performance. These windows keep the heat inside your house by preventing the transfer of heat to the outside pane and trapping free heat from the sun inside.

  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Materials: Aluminium and uPVC
  • Cost: £160–£1,050 per window
  • Energy efficiency: A+ rating

Key features

  • Highlights: Britelite’s double glazing windows are known for their energy efficiency. They can save you hundreds of pounds every year by reducing your level of energy consumption. 
  • Warranty: Britelite’s double glazing windows have a 10-year guarantee. Since they are high quality and installed by professionals, they can last a long time before the seal starts to weaken provided they are maintained well. 
  • Cost: On average, Britelite’s double glazing windows cost from £160 to £1,050. However, this cost varies depending on the type of design you choose. You can get an instant online price from the website after you select the design and size of the window.
  • Service: Britelite offers design consultation services where their design team visits your home. After your order is made, you can also book an installation date with the team.

Pros and cons

Before installing new windows in your home, it’s advisable to consider all the pros and cons of each company you get a quote from. This will help you decide whether these particular windows are ideal for your home. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Britelite double glazing windows.


  • Cost savings: According to Britelite, these double glazing windows can save you hundreds of pounds on your heating bill every year. This is because the double-glazed technology ensures that the window does not allow cold air in or transfer heat to the outside. 
  • Not too expensive: Britelite’s double glazing windows are ideal for buyers looking to save money. The cost is quite affordable, and the company provides transparent installation quotes that include VAT and fitting with no hidden extras, so you know what you need to pay upfront.
  • Energy efficiency: Double glazing windows by Britelite are quite energy efficient. With an A+ rating (or A++ for triple glazing), they reduce your energy bills and noise pollution while improving the security of your home.
  • Recognition: Britelite has been awarded Which? Trusted Trader Status. The double glazing windows have successfully passed the assessment process by Which? due to their high quality.
  • Credit: Britelite offers favourable credit terms with a representative APR of 8.9%. You can make additional repayments to control the term of the loan and reduce the total amount of interest you pay. 


  • Warranty period: The windows have a 10-year guarantee, which is shorter than some of Britelite’s competitors.
  • You need professional installation: Due to their design and weight, Britelite’s double glazing windows require a qualified professional installer to ensure that they are mounted correctly.

How do Britelite double glazing windows work?

Britelite double glazing windows bespoke traditional-style windows in white uPVC

Britelite is able to custom-make windows to fit any size and shape, including unique period properties. (Image credit: Britelite)

These windows are designed using double glazing technology. They are made with two panes of glass separated by a spacer bar and sealed together with a durable adhesive. The cavity is filled with inert gas to improve insulation. 

Argon gas is most commonly used in double glazing because it does not conduct heat well, reducing heat loss through the windows. Additionally, the gap between the panes is too small to allow any kind of circulation. This airtight seal around the panes ensures that no heat is transferred to the outside. This is why double-glazed windows are more energy efficient than single glazing. Triple glazing (also offered by Britelite) uses three panes of glass to further improve the window’s insulating properties.

How do Britelite double glazing windows compare with others?

If you like Britelite’s double glazing windows, there are a few close competitors to consider, including Anglian and Everest. Anglian double glazing windows have been on the market for more than 50 years just like Britelite. However, Anglian offers a wider selection of window materials, including uPVC, timber and aluminium.

While Britelite windows have a rating of A+, Anglian’s uPVC windows range from A to A++ (for triple glazing), whereas its timber windows are rated B or A and aluminium windows are rated B. The price range for Anglian double glazing windows is a bit less than Britelite at £250–£910 per window. They also have a 10-year guarantee offered on all parts and labour and a 15-year guarantee offered on gas-filled windows.

The other alternative is Everest double glazing windows. These windows have an A+ rating on uPVC casement windows and have an impressive list of accreditations and memberships, including the Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme (FENSA), TrustMark, the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) and BSI Kitemarks, just like Britelite. Its windows are made of uPVC, aluminium or wood.

Everest double glazing windows are more costly, with wood options going for up to £1,250. While they may be slightly more expensive, they have a better guarantee than Britelite double glazing windows. Their warranty period is 10 years for all parts and materials and a 20-year guarantee on all uPVC Exclusives windows. Additionally, some have a lifetime guarantee, which covers against condensation and fogging between uPVC panes, but you have to pay extra for this.

How much do Britelite double glazing windows cost?

Britelite does not have a set price for its double glazing windows because they are designed to suit individual homes. You can get an instant online quote including the fitting costs and VAT with no hidden extras. This will give you an estimate of how much it will cost to install the windows in your home.

The cost of installing Britelite double glazing windows in your home varies depending on the window style. You can choose between casement, tilt and turn and sliding sash. It can also change based on the frame material, number of windows and the sizes required.

Based on online estimates, this is what you can expect to pay for windows from Britelite:

Type of windowEstimated price

Installing and maintaining Britelite double glazing windows

Britelite double glazing windows need to be installed by a qualified professional. The design team will survey your home and contact you after seven working days to book the installation date. Since they are made according to your specific measurements, you have to wait for about six to eight weeks for the installation team to come to your home. 

To install uPVC casement windows, Britelite will ask you for a deposit of no more than 25% of the total order. You can pay the balance after the double glazing windows have been installed. Once the installation is done, a senior fitter will conduct a final inspection and share maintenance tips to help you get the best out of your windows. 

Britelite says its products require little to no maintenance. To take care of them, you can occasionally clean them with warm water and soap. In case you need further maintenance tips, you can consult the Britelite team for more information about how to take care of your windows.

Britelite double glazing windows standard uPVC casement in white

Britelite’s uPVC double glazing windows only require light cleaning to keep them in good shape. (Image credit: Britelite)

What professionals say

“Britelite Windows is a good option for cash-strapped buyers that want straightforward pricing and installation. Britelite’s pricing is competitive and transparent, making it easier to make a decision upfront. Unlike some of its competitors, Britelite is lauded online by reviewers for its simple and straightforward sales tactics. Cost savings are also enjoyed through greater energy efficiency after installation.”

“Britelite installs windows, doors and conservatories in Kent, Sussex, Essex, Surrey and London. All of its products have a 10-year guarantee. Britelite is a Which? Trusted Trader, which means it has passed rigorous checks and vetting”

Customer reviews

“Very happy with our window installation from Britelite. The job was completed to a very high standard, no mess or damage. I will happily use them again in the future.”

“This is the second time I’ve used Britelite, and found again that the full transaction, from sales presentation to window fit, to be a pleasant and assured experience. All are very respectful to your property at all times, and I would gladly recommend them.”

“Beautiful windows installed by a cheerful team. We were impressed by the fitters’ attention to detail and clear communication of what they were doing.”

Final recommendation

Britelite’s double glazing windows are a good investment for your home. They are designed to keep your house warm and help you save money on your energy bills. What’s more, they can be fitted in any kind of home to suit your individual style. 

Based on their pricing, these windows are ideal if you are looking for an affordable option. You can get a clear estimate of how much it will cost before making an order. However, keep in mind that they only have a 10-year guarantee.


We considered several factors when reviewing Britelite double glazing windows. We mostly focused on five criteria: design, durability, efficiency, performance and the guarantee on offer. We also compared Britelite to some of the best double glazing windows in the UK market. We also took into consideration professional and customer reviews of the different Britelite double glazing window products and evaluated their maintenance requirements and price. The weight of the factors we analysed is as follows:

  • Design (20%)
  • Durability (20%)
  • Efficiency (25%)
  • Performance (25%)
  • Guarantee (10%)

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