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Do you have what it takes to be a part of the fastest growing environmental news service?

EcoWatch has two immediate openings at its Cleveland-based office:

News Aggregator / Curator / Reporter

We are looking for a candidate who has more than two (2) years experience in the online news media marketplace who can effectively and efficiently aggregate and curate news, and compose original content.

The candidate will exhibit enthusiasm, flexibility and a positive attitude, and posses excellent editing and writing skills; excellent verbal, interpersonal and written communication skills; and an ability to organize and prioritize multiple assignments with an acute attention to detail.

Daily Tasks:
• Aggregate and curate news, compose original content
• Monitor real-time analytics
• Post content and engage with individuals and organizations on a variety of social media platforms
• Evaluate daily posts and achieve targets

Job Qualifications:
• Ability to work in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment and work independently
• Excellent computer skills with experience working on Macintosh computers
• Experience with content management systems including WordPress
• Experience working with a variety of social media outlets and ability to drive and develop robust engagement on each platform
• Ability to write headlines and craft content to go viral
• Understanding of SEO and online analytics
• Strong graphic design sense and proficiency in PhotoShop
• Thrive in deadline-based and fast-paced environment

A passion for a sustainable planet a must.

Hours:  Full-time position at the EcoWatch office in Cleveland, Ohio

Salary & Benefits:  Competitive compensation package

How to Apply:  Email cover letter, resume and three (3) references to spear@ecowatch.com


Advertising Account Executive

We are seeking a candidate who has 3-5 years experience with a proven track record of advertising sales and an active network of agency relationships. The successful candidate will have a strong, independent work ethic; exceptional presentation and communication skills; and the ability to meet or exceed monthly and quarterly sales goals.

• Develop and maintain long-term relationships with key partners and new business opportunities
• Manage entire sales process including accounts receivable
• Create custom proposals that meet clients needs
• Develop and implement revenue strategies, including short and long term revenue growth plans
• Meet or exceed monthly and quarterly sales goals

Job Qualifications:
• Minimum 3 years digital sales experience
• A proven track record of sales success working directly with top level decision makers
• Superior interpersonal, oral and written communication and presentation skills
• A high-level ability to strategize with client marketing team to establish best campaigns in reaching target market
• Self-motivated, hard-working, flexible, dynamic and well organized, with an acute attention to detail
• Strong time management skills with an ability to multi-task and prioritize while working in a team-oriented environment
• Ability to thrive in deadline-based and fast-paced environment
• Must be social network savvy and understand the ever-developing world of digital marketing and advertising
• Understanding of SEO and online analytics
• Ability to innovate and respond quickly to the changing online news media marketplace
• Excellent computer skills

A passion for a sustainable planet a must.

Hours:  Full-time position

Salary & Benefits:  Competitive compensation package

How to Apply:  Email cover letter, resume and three references to spear@ecowatch.com


EcoWatch Daily Newsletter

Record flood water levels in Venice hit again on Sunday making this the worst week of flooding in the city in over 50 years.

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By Brian Barth

Late fall, after the last crops have been harvested, is a time to rest and reflect on the successes and challenges of the gardening year. But for those whose need to putter around in the garden doesn't end when cold weather comes, there's surely a few lingering chores. Get them done now and you'll be ahead of the game in spring.

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(L) Selma Three Stone Engagement Ring. (R) The Greener Diamond Farm Project. MiaDonna

By Bailey Hopp

If you had to choose a diamond for your engagement ring from below or above the ground, which would you pick … and why would you pick it? This is the main question consumers are facing when picking out their diamond engagement ring today. With a dramatic increase in demand for conflict-free lab-grown diamonds, the diamond industry is shifting right before our eyes.

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(L) 3D graphical representation of a spherical-shaped, measles virus particle that is studded with glycoprotein tubercles.
(R) The measles virus pictured under a microscope. PHIL / CDC

The Pacific Island nation of Samoa declared a state of emergency this week, closed all of its schools and limited the number of public gatherings allowed after a measles outbreak has swept across the country of just 200,000 people, according to Reuters.

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Austin Nuñez is Chairman of the Tohono O'odham Nation, which joined with the Hopi and Pascua Yaqui Tribes to fight a proposed open-pit copper mine on sacred sites in Arizona. Mamta Popat

By Alison Cagle

Rising above the Arizona desert, the Santa Rita Mountains cradle 10,000 years of Indigenous history. The Tohono O'odham Nation, Pascua Yaqui Tribe, and Hopi Tribe, among numerous other tribes, have worshipped, foraged, hunted and laid their ancestors to rest in the mountains for generations.

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The Navajo Nation has suffered from limited freshwater resources as a result of climate, insufficient infrastructure, and contamination. They collaborated with NASA to develop the Drought Severity Evaluation Tool. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Native Americans are disproportionately without access to clean water, according to a new report, "Closing the Water Access Gap in the United States: A National Action Plan," to be released this afternoon, which shows that more than two million Americans do not have access to access to running water, indoor plumbing or wastewater services.

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Wild Exmoor ponies graze on a meadow in the Czech Republic. rapier / iStock / Getty Images Plus

By Nanticha Ocharoenchai

In the Czech Republic, horses have become the knights in shining armor. A study published in the Journal for Nature Conservation suggests that returning feral horses to grasslands in Podyjí National Park could help boost the numbers of several threatened butterfly species.

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Despite huge strides in improving the lives of children since 1989, many of the world's poorest are being left behind, the United Nations children's fund UNICEF warned Monday.

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