Eco Motorcycles: Start Riding Green


According to the Hedges Company, about 2.8% of all registered vehicles in the United States of America are motorcycles. As more people continue to place more importance on the lowering the impact our day to day driving has on the environment, they are now turning to greener alternatives. According to Green Choices, motorcycles put lesser stress on roadways, have lower wear and tear, take up lesser parking space, and reduce the space needed to transport one passenger. Not only are they intrinsically green, but they also offer us more ways to improve the environmental friendliness of our motorcycle riding:

Track Bike Maintenance

Ensuring that your motorcycle goes for maintenance on a frequent basis will keep it running well and will lower your environmental impact. Equipment checks, motorcycle exhaust maintenance, and fluid changes all play a crucial role in how green your bike runs. To make it easier to keep tabs on maintenance, get The Motorcycle Minder app an app that offers bike maintenance and gas log tracking. The app records oil changes and other pertinent repairs and maintenance data and it lets you know when your next tune up is due. The app also notifies you of your motorcycle’s MPG

If your bike’s MPG seems low, then have it inspected to be sure that you are do not have engine issues that reduce fuel efficiency. Some bikes even come with apps that track engine statistics, providing you with technical data that you work with if you love digging deep into a motorcycle’s gut to figure out every minute detail.

Monitor Riding Habits

Another thing to consider when looking to improve fuel efficiency is how you ride. West Virginia’s DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) recommends that you watch your smoothness when riding. Slow acceleration increases MPG and considerably lowers the amount of work that your engine will have to do. At the same time, you also save on maintenance on things that may experience unnecessary wear and tear like your tires and brakes.

The SmartRiding App by Yamaha should help you keep track of, and improve the smoothness of how you ride. The application rates riding smoothness of all your turns when riding. Taking extra motorcycle driving lessons should help correct any bad habits that you may have developed over time and fix any issues with your riding techniques.

Consider Getting an Electric Motorcycle

You will be interested to know that there are a couple of electric motorcycle brands and models on the market, with advancing technology promising even better vehicles. According to Clean Green Cars, electric bikes average about 100 miles/charge and come with phone app integration for easier tracking of battery charge and additional bike stats. Price ranges vary with the average cost for a brand new electric bike standing at about $15K. However, as these bikes continue becoming popular, the entry of additional manufacturers should expand the market and lower prices – so you may soon be thinking, should I sell my Harley.

The main deterrent with electric bikes is that there aren’t enough or a lack of fast charging stations. For people who do not live in areas where electric cars are common, then they probably will have to stick to charging at home only. The other option would be to go for a hybrid motorcycle one that has a hybrid engine especially if want a bike that can go for more than 100 miles on a single charge.

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