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Destroying Our Environment for Frac-sand

Destroying Our Environment for Frac-sand

Ring of Fire

To the detriment of humans, wildlife and the environment, the practice of hydraulic fracturing is booming in America. The latest bonanza for the energy industry is taking place in Wisconsin, where fracking companies are moving in at an alarming rate to pillage the state for its rich supply of silica sand—a necessary ingredient in fracking operations.

This sand-boom is also taking place in neighboring Minnesota, leaving towns and cities devoid of any form of environment or wildlife, as it is being dug up and shipped away by the fracking industry. In April, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. discussed frac-sand mining with Pilar Gerasimo, a contributor to EcoWatch.org, on Ring of Fire.

For background information on this issue, read Pilar Gerasimo's piece Mining Companies Invade Wisconsin for Frac-Sand.

Visit EcoWatch’s FRACKING page for more related news on this topic.


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