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CNBC's Joe Kernen Compares Climate Change to ‘Witchcraft'


CNBC's Joe Kernen isn't interested in your preposterous theories that climate change has anything to do with carbon dioxide emissions caused by humans.

You think last month was among the warmest Januaries of all time? Don't bother him with such talk.

Though nearly 100 percent of climate scientists said climate change was caused by human activity less than a year ago, Kernen has his own ideas. After letting out a hefty sigh, Kernen had the following to say:

"[Climate change] is almost like witchcraft ... In the middle ages, you would attribute adverse weather events to witchcraft. "Now, you just have CO2 at this point."

As Hufington Post points out, Kernen has never been shy about calling out those who believe in climate change. He just slightly modifies the names he calls them.

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