Favorite Brand Burt’s Bees Launches New CBD Line: Our Take


For decades, Burt’s Bees has been one of the leading names in cosmetic and skincare products developed with sustainability in mind. Not only do they create high-quality products from natural ingredients, but they’re attentive to the ways in which their production, packaging, and distribution methods impact the world around them. For those who value environmental stewardship and wise corporate citizenship, Burt’s Bees is iconic.

Perhaps it was only a matter of time before the company expanded its all-natural skincare and cosmetic line to include products that harness the potent, holistic effects of CBD. In this post, we’ll offer a quick guide to the products included in the new Burt’s Bees CBD line, as well as some further comments about the company as a whole.

Why CBD?

First, it may be worth asking why all of this matters. What’s the big deal about CBD, anyway?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the most prevalent, active ingredients in the cannabis plant (marijuana). CBD has been linked with a number of positive, holistic health effects; in fact, it’s been FDA-approved as a treatment for epilepsy and seizures, while much anecdotal evidence positions it as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Crucially, legally-available CBD products have little or no THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in the marijuana plant; in other words, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD without any risk of getting high.

The Burt’s Bees Story

With that said, let’s get back to Burt’s Bees.

The company was founded in the early 1980s by Burt Shavitz and Roxanne Quimby, veterans of the art community who sought refuge and contemplation in the prairies of Maine. Eventually, their interests led them to beekeeping, and into developing lip and skincare products developed from homegrown beeswax.

From the very beginning, their mission was to develop products that drew from the power of nature, while also taking seriously their responsibility to preserve, protect, and respect nature.

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Sustainability at Burt’s Bees

There are a number of ways in which Burt’s Bees continues to live out its commitment to sustainability to this day.

All Ingredients Come from Nature

The company strives for 100 percent natural ingredients in all of their products, and generally comes pretty close. (Their skincare products are all 95 percent natural, at a bare minimum.) Everything they make is absent parabens and other concerning, artificial chemicals.

No Products are Tested on Animals

Burt’s Bees products are all “Leaping Bunny Certified.” What this means is that they never test their products on animals, or ask any third parties to conduct animal testing on their behalf.

Eco-Friendly Sourcing

The company also demonstrates a responsible approach to sourcing, visiting all their ingredient harvesting sites to ensure a commitment to stewardship and sustainability.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

All Burt’s Bees products are completely recyclable. They avoid over-packaging, and their plastics are made up largely of recycled materials.

The bottom line: Burt’s Bees is a company with serious eco-credentials… and that makes them a logical choice for expansion into the world of natural, sustainably sourced CBD.

About Burt’s Bees CBD Products

Currently, Burt’s Bees offers five products that are made with full spectrum CBD. What this means is that their CBD includes trace elements of all parts of the plant, including other cannabinoids and terpenes. According to many CBD experts, this provides a more potent and effective product overall.

All of the company’s CBD ingredients are sourced from hemp that’s grown and harvested in Colorado, using the most sustainable, organic agricultural practices.

Another important note about Burt’s Bees CBD products: All of them are rigorously third-party tested. Independent lab results are key whenever you buy CBD, because it allows you to get a good sense of the purity, quality, and potency of what you’re buying. You can get batch-specific test results for any Burt’s Bees product simply by visiting their website.

So, what about the specific products in the Burt’s Bees CBD line?

Each product featured here has been independently selected by the writer. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

CBD Hand and Foot Cream

Meanwhile, Burt’s Bees also offers a cream that’s perfectly soothing for your calloused feet or hard-working hands. It’s made not only with 200mg of CBD, but also with a host of other natural ingredients designed to moisturize and replenish. You can get the CBD hand and foot cream for just . We especially recommend this product for anyone who has been thinking about trying CBD for psoriasis.

CBD Facial Oil

Looking for a natural, soothing way to revitalize your skin? Burt’s Bees’ facial oil combines the replenishing powers of CBD with other proven ingredients from the natural world, including jojoba, rosehip, and evening primrose oils. This face oil is made with 100mg of CBD.

CBD Lip Oil

Burt’s Bees is famous for their lip balms, so it’s no surprise that they offer a CBD-infused variant. Made with 10mg of CBD, this balm has a wonderfully cooling effect on the lips. The addition of shea butter helps increase its moisturizing effect.

CBD Lip Treatment

An additional option for those seeking CBD-powered lip care. This one is meant to be used while you sleep, allowing it plenty of time to revitalize and restore badly chapped lips. Made with 15mg CBD, you can get the Burt’s Bees lip treatment online now.

CBD Body Cream

Last but not least, check out the Burt’s Bees CBD Body Cream, made with 250mg CBD plus rich, botanical scents. It’s designed to leave your skin soft and fully moisturized for a full 24 hours, and you can get it for just .

Sustainably Sourced CBD Products

It’s important to emphasize that all of these products are made with transparently sourced CBD ingredients, as well as the company’s usual high standards of eco-friendly packaging. In other words, this is a great opportunity to enjoy some of the benefits of CBD skincare, with all the sustainability and sound environmental stewardship that Burt’s Bees is known for.

We’re happy to recommend these products as good entry points into CBD skincare. Always remember, when shopping for CBD products, look for third party test results and transparency about sourcing information, all of which Burt’s Bees makes readily available.

Josh Hurst is a journalist, critic, and essayist. He lives in Knoxville, TN, with his wife and three sons. His writing on natural health, nutrition, and supplements has appeared in Health, Shape, and Remedy Review.

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