Top 5 Best Solar Companies In Tampa, Florida (2022 Review)

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Choosing to switch to solar energy for your home or business should be exciting. However, finding the right solar installation company in the Tampa, Florida area can be challenging.

Here at EcoWatch, we understand the gravity of choosing an outstanding solar company. We want you to have the best experience and get the best bang for your buck. 

Since we’re solar experts and know what it takes for an installation company to exceed your expectations, we put together this quick reference guide of Tampa’s top 5 solar companies. So continue reading to learn all about them!

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What Are The Top 5 Solar Companies In Tampa, Florida?

Out of the dozens of solar companies servicing Tampa, Florida, we narrowed down many companies to the top five options. Below is an “at a glance” chart of our top picks, along with a link to our solar company matching tool. We hand-picked the best solar companies that service Tampa using countless hours of research and our solar industry expertise. 

Our careful selection process eliminates unsatisfactory solar installation companies that have concerns with lawsuits, quality, and other undesirable scenarios. So, if you don’t see a solar company you’re familiar with, that could be the reason why. 

We know how tedious it can be to find a solar panel installation company. It takes time and a lot of research to find the best, most suitable solar company to handle your project. To save you time researching solar companies for days on end, EcoWatch has done the work for you. 

Our chart gives each company a “best for” rating, so you can easily pick the one that’s best for you. For a more detailed blurb on each company, jump to the sections below the chart. 

CompanySolar Services Warranty OptionsBBB Rating Year Founded  
Prosolar Systems LLC

Solar panel and battery sales and installation

25 years


Solar Energy World
Solar panel and battery sales and installation

20- to 25-year Manufacturer warranty between



Voltage Pros Solar

Solar panel sales and installation, electrical services, battery backup

25 years



Blue Raven Solar

Solar panel sales and installation
25-year manufacturer warranty; 10-year workmanship warranty; 2-year production guarentee



Solar-Ray Inc.

Solar panel sales and installation

Lifetime workmanship, 25-year 



Before we dive in, we should note that you won’t find some of the more popular solar companies on our list. We excluded companies from our rankings that were involved in ongoing lawsuits or cited routinely for poor customer service.

1) ProSolar Systems LLC

ProSolar Systems is a top solar company in Tampa with several branches throughout Florida, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands. ProSolar Systems has been around for over 15 years, serving the residents and businesses of Tampa for many years. 

If you hire ProSolar Systems to add a solar panel system to your home, the process is easy. You can reach ProSolar Systems in various ways: call, email, or online contact form. Within one to two business days, a solar energy specialist will be in touch to guide you through the energy assessment and consultation process. 

ProSolar Systems uses this information to design a custom solar panel system for your home and estimate the savings to your power bill. Once the design is complete and you sign off on the paperwork, installation quickly starts. Just like that, you’re up and going with solar panels, drawing from the sun’s enormous energy. 

If you’re looking for financing options with ProSolar Systems, it does offer many financing options, although it doesn’t list specific options on its website. So, you’ll have to wait until your consultation to learn about their financing. 

Pros for ProSolar Systems

ProSolar Systems offers excellent service to homeowners and businesses and commercial settings alike. Some of the high points of the company’s services include:

  • Offers Tesla Powerwall (for energy storage) sales and installation 
  • Online instant “ballpark” solar estimate
  • Branches throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands

Cons for ProSolar Systems

As with all companies, ProSolar Systems isn’t perfect and falls short in a few aspects. These points may not be a big deal to some individuals, but it’s good to be aware of them.

  • Not available nationwide
  • More expensive on average than other options
  • Specific financing information isn’t readily available online

Summary Facts and Figures for ProSolar Systems

EcoWatch Rating4.5
Year Founded2007
Service AreaFlorida, U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands
Average Cost$$$$
Solar ServicesSolar panel and battery sales and installation
Panels OfferedEnphase, SolarEdge, Q-Cells, Tesla, LG, Silfab Solar, Sunpower
Financing OptionsCash purchase, solar financing

2) Solar Energy World

Solar Energy World is a highly-rated solar company seeing to the needs of commercial and residential scenarios across parts of the southeast United States. Since 2009, the company has won numerous solar industry awards, with its most recent accomplishment or ranking amongst the Top Solar Contractors of Solar Power World.

The company has countless satisfied solar customers in the Tampa area and many positive reviews attesting to their quality, customer service, pricing, and more. Solar Energy World makes the process of going solar simple for its customers. 

It ensures you receive all tax incentives, rebates, and grants you can get in a hassle-free process while saving you the most money on your new solar system.  

While Solar Energy World has been providing solar services for the past 12 years, the company has been around locally for the past 88 years, offering roofing, electrical design, and home improvement services. So, besides a new solar system, they can help you with all your home improvement projects. 

In addition to its commitment to its customers, Solar Energy World is dedicated to the environment. It prioritizes and promotes sustainable, renewable energy from the sun. 

Solar Energy World is also a GivePower partner, which donates a portion of the profits from each solar installation to support solar-powered water purification farms in developing countries worldwide– particularly where water contamination is a huge problem. 

Pros for Solar Energy World

Solar Energy World is a leading solar company for a variety of reasons. Here are a few benefits you’ll enjoy if you choose to go with Solar Energy World:

  • No subcontractors; its direct staff are industry experts
  • Competitive pricing
  • Committed to protecting the environment and clean energy

Cons for Solar Energy World

Although Solar Energy World offers top-tier services, it falls short in a few areas. Here are a few things to be aware of:

  • Doesn’t offer nationwide service
  • BBB outlines a few customer complaints in past years

Summary Facts and Figures for Solar Energy World

EcoWatch Rating4.5
Year Founded2009
Service AreaWashington D.C., Delaware, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia
Average Cost$$$
Solar ServicesSolar panel and battery sales and installation
Panels OfferedHanwha SolarOne, SolarEdge, SMA, Fronius, Enphase, Silfab Solar, LG, Tesla, Longi, REC
Financing OptionsPPA/Solar Lease, Ownership

3) Voltage Pros Inc.

Voltage Pros Inc. is a seasoned Florida solar company that has been providing solar installation services to the Tampa Bay area for over 20 years. It also offers several other services, including electrical, LED, and security camera installation. 

It uses various solar technologies that are proven to reduce your operating expenses, which save you money on the upfront costs of your new system and your electric bill. Voltage Pros Inc. offers exceptional quality, tier 1 solar products, tailored to each customer’s specific needs. Every installation comes with a 25-year product guarantee. 

Voltage Pros sends over its own in-house solar installers and electricians, who are some of the best solar panel installers on the market. It handles the entire process from start to finish, meaning you only have to deal with one set of contractors coming into and out of your property. 

Voltage Pros offers very competitive pricing, even though it is a smaller, local installer. Hundreds of customer reviews highlight their good experiences with Voltage Pro solar services.

Pros for Voltage Pros Inc

There are several areas where Voltage Pros excels. Some of the company’s high points include:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Great local option
  • Custom solar designs 

Cons for Voltage Pros Inc

As with most companies, Voltage Pros has a few downfalls. While some people may not find these nitpicks concerning, it’s always good to be aware of all aspects of a company.

  • Limited to a small field of service
  • Financing information isn’t available online

Summary Facts and Figures for Voltage Pros Inc

EcoWatch Rating4.5
Year Founded1997
Service AreaState of Florida, locations in Palm Bay and Gulfport
Average Cost$$$
Solar ServicesSolar panel sales and installation, electrical services, battery backup
Panels OfferedSMA, Enphase, Fronius, LG, Panasonic, REC, Solaria, Q-Cells, Silfab Solar, Jinko
Financing OptionsNA

4) Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar has grown into a formidable company in the solar industry over the past seven years. The company has skyrocketed– growing from just three employees to over 1,000 over the course of seven years. This is a good indication it must be doing something right.

Blue Raven Solar offers excellent customer service and two warranties: a 25-year manufacturer warranty, 10-year workmanship warranty and a 2-year productivity guarantee. While the 25-year warranty is fairly standard, the two-year warranty protects the customer, as it guarantees the system will produce the estimated amount of energy. 

Blue Raven makes the installation process simple with a three-step process. It starts with the contact form, which customers fill out to initiate the process. Once that’s done, a consultant reaches out and reviews the installation process, financing and pricing. If you choose Blue Raven, a technician will analyze your roof to ensure it can handle the installation, then design a custom solar solution. 

After the system design is complete and you approve it, the team will handle legal paperwork, permits and contact your energy company. Then, the installation process begins– the team mounts the solar panels, rewires the electrical panel, and connects your system to your utility meter. 

After installation, your new solar energy source is ready to go. Blue Raven explains how to operate it, provides an estimate of your future energy bills, and reminds you of all local and federal tax credits. 

Click here for the Company’s full review.

Pros for Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven offers its fair share of excellent benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • 18 months of free solar energy with BluePower Plus+ plan
  • Two-year power production guarantee with every installation
  • Customers can get $250 for each referral that uses Blue Raven for solar services

Cons for Blue Raven Solar

There are a few areas where Blue Raven may not meet customer needs. Some of the things to be aware of include:

  • Financing options are limited
  • Service is restricted to certain states

Summary Facts and Figures for Blue Raven Solar

EcoWatch Rating4.5
Year Founded2014
Service AreaFlorida, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri
Average Cost$$$
Solar ServicesSolar panel installs
Panels OfferedSolarEdge, SMA, SolarWorld, Hyundai, Axitec, Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, Enphase
Financing OptionsCash, loan financing

5) Solar-Ray Inc.

Solar-Ray is a local solar power system installation company located in Pine Castle, Florida (just south of Orlando). It was the first Florida company to receive NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) accreditation as a PV (photovoltaic) installation company. 

In its 18 years of experience in the industry, the company has focused on providing exceptional service, the best pricing and high-quality products. 

Solar-Ray offers one of the most thorough solar site evaluations available. It includes an entire year’s analysis of your home’s solar exposure from five different points of the projected array location, which is done using digital imaging from a Solar Pathfinder. 

Customers get a basic design and price estimate for their recommended system, which includes the module size, wiring diagram, array configuration, inverter selection, and balance-of-system component location. Plus, Solar-Ray gives you an estimate on your future home energy bills. 

In addition to the other specifications, Solar-Ray Inc provides a spreadsheet of the estimated daily AC production using the U.S. DOE’s (Department of Energy’s) regional solar radiation data and calculations of inevitable system power losses. 

Solar-Ray also considers the current information on your utility’s net metering and interconnection policy. It also provides information on applicable building codes, Florida construction contracting law, tax credits, energy audits, safety regulations and best practices for system installation. 

Click here for the Company’s full review.

Pros for Solar-Ray

Solar-Ray stands out from its solar company competitors in several areas. Some of the benefits of Solar-Ray’s services include:

  • Offers cash rebates 
  • Website details financial incentives
  • Precise solar site evaluations and free quotes

Cons for Solar-Ray

While Solar-Ray does an exceptional job, it has a few downfalls. While some people may not view these points as make-or-break factors, here are a few things to be aware of: 

  • Higher pricing (on average) than other companies
  • Not available nationwide
  • Specific financing options aren’t available online

Summary Facts and Figures for Solar-Ray

EcoWatch Rating4.0
Year Founded2003
Service AreaPine Castle, Florida and surrounding areas
Average Cost$$$$
Solar ServicesSolar panel sales and installation
Panels OfferedSolarWorld, Suniva, SMA, Mage Solar, Canadian Solar, Enphase, Renesola, Sun Spark
Financing OptionsNA

The EcoWatch Criteria For Selecting The Top Solar Company In Tampa, Florida


The warranty is a critical factor in our selection process for the top solar companies in Tampa. An excellent warranty indicates the manufacturer and company believe in their products. 

Think of it this way — it makes sense that a company would offer an exceptional warranty on their product and workmanship if they’re confident in their product and skillset. 

The solar company is basically betting you their solar system won’t have issues. 

On the other hand, a short warranty is usually a red flag. When the company offers an extremely limited warranty or none at all, proceed with caution. In our selection process, we eliminate companies with poor warranties.

Year Founded

Generally, older companies have more experience and wisdom simply from their time in the industry. While there are a few exceptions to this, since some newer companies can perform equally as well as their older competitors, we still put a lot of weight on this aspect. 

Since there are a lot of less-than-stellar “fly by night” solar companies popping up all over Florida (Sarasota, Odessa, Clearwater, not just Tampa) then filing for bankruptcy a few months later, we strongly consider the founding year of each company. 

Services Offered

The services each company offers also play into our selection process. We look at what services the company provides, such as if they offer battery backup sales and installation. While this factor may not be a defining component in their choice of solar company, we prefer companies that can “do it all” and not outsource to less experienced subcontractors.

Solar Panels Offered

Solar panel availability is an essential component in choosing the best solar company. As supply chain issues become more and more prevalent, solar panel availability has swam its way to nearly the top of our checklist. 

Some companies may not have the materials necessary to complete your solar project, so this is something we consider when choosing the best companies. 

On the other hand, a few solar panel installers may use inexpensive, low-quality panels. While they might offer a lower upfront cost, these companies are best to avoid. 

Solar Pricing and Financing

Great financing options are essential in a good solar company. A new solar solution can be an expensive investment, and many homeowners may not be able to afford the upfront cost. This is where financing comes in. The best companies offer various financing options to accomodate the needs of various individuals. 

Additionally, we analyze the pricing scale of the company. We look for companies that combine excellent service, great quality materials and workmanship and a competitive price. 

Industry Affiliations

Many solar companies are affiliated with other companies in the industry, solar power organizations, or renewable energy initiatives. We pay attention to this in our selection process, as it can tell us more about the company. 

Size of Company

The size of the company isn’t always a defining factor. However, larger companies tend to have the team necessary to quickly and efficiently serve you. With that said, this doesn’t mean smaller companies are worse. 

In some cases, smaller companies can handle their customers just as well as, if not better, than large companies. It mostly depends on how well the organization balances their workload. 

Best Solar Company In Tampa, Florida: EcoWatch FAQ

Here at EcoWatch, there are a few questions we get regularly. So, to make things easier, here’s a list of the most common questions we get asked:

What is the most reputable solar company in Tampa?

Solar-Ray is an excellent, reputable solar company with service in Tampa. Countless satisfied customer reviews bolster its integrity. Additionally, the company offers an outstanding warranty, further attesting to its reputation. 

What does the “EcoWatch Solar Rating” mean?

Our EcoWatch Solar Rating is another way to measure each of our top companies. Sometimes, having differentiation makes choosing the best company easier for you. For example, if you’re looking for a company with the best protection, choose the company with that rating.

Does Solar Panel Selection Matter When Choosing A Solar Installer In Florida?

Yes, the solar panel selection can matter when choosing the best solar installer in your area. For example, if you’re doing a unique solar project or need specific solar panels, certain companies may not offer what you need. So, this is an essential component in the selection process. 

How do I find the right/most trustworthy/reputable solar company for my needs?

Finding the best, most reputable solar company for you depends on a combination of several factors. To find the most suitable choice, look for excellent warranties, outstanding customer reviews, great customer service, years in service, solar panel type, quality, etc. The best solar companies excel at each of these sectors. 

How do I find the most affordable solar company in Tampa?

The most affordable solar company in Tampa is subjective. For example, suppose you’re doing a unique, out-of-the-box solar project. In that case, your local solar company may not have the materials you need, therefore becoming an expensive option because they need to order in materials (instead of saving money on their cookie-cutter high volume panels with bulk orders). 

So, to find the most affordable solar company in Tampa, we recommend obtaining at least three price quotes from companies that service your area. Then, compare the quotes to find your best option. However, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples– it’s not all about price; consider the warranty terms, quality, brand, and other important factors. 

What is the biggest solar company in Tampa?

Blue Raven is probably the largest solar company on our list with service in Tampa. Its team is made up of over 1,000 employees throughout its locations across the U.S.

Who is the most experienced solar installer in Tampa?

Voltage Pros Inc. has been around for over two decades, with 24 years of experience in the solar industry. It arguably has the most experience in Tampa. 

What is the most important factor when choosing the best solar company in Tampa?

There are several pivotal factors to consider while choosing the best solar company in Tampa. These include the criteria we outlined above, like the warranty, year founded, financing, industry affiliations, and so on. 

Its likely that one of our criteria is the most important to you.

Is a bigger/national solar company better for Tampa residents?

The answer to this question hinges on what you’re looking for in a solar company. Some homeowners prefer to keep their money circulating locally instead of outsourcing to a larger or national company. 

However, if you’re looking for competitive pricing and the benefits a large company may offer, such as speedy service, you may prefer to go with a national company. 

For the most part, larger or more experienced solar companies have a smoother installation process. With that said, many smaller companies can still effectively complete projects too. Some newer solar companies may not have the same tools, knowledge, and experience that their more experienced or larger counterparts may offer.

How does EcoWatch rank solar companies in Tampa?

To rank solar companies in Tampa, our experts here at EcoWatch carefully examine each company servicing the area. From there, we begin eliminating companies that don’t meet our criteria, are known for issues, have poor customer reviews, and have other negative attributes. 

Which companies did we not choose for the best in Tampa?

Many solar companies service Tampa, and we couldn’t choose them all. Here are some of the companies that we didn’t choose as “the best” in the area but are still worthwhile options:

• ION Solar
• Solar Bear
• Ensolar LLC
• Energy Solutions Direct
• Affordable Solar Roof and Air
• West Bay Energy

Does your utility company matter when selecting a good solar company?

Your power company does matter when choosing a good solar company. Some Florida utility companies charge for net metering, so keep that in mind. However, most Florida power companies offer rebates or other types of renewable energy incentives. 

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