Find the Best Solar Energy Companies in Arizona

Find the Best Solar Energy Companies in Arizona
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There are plenty of perks to living in Arizona, and one of the biggest is all the sunshine. Living in a sun-soaked part of the country allows you to take full advantage of clean energy solutions, specifically power that's generated by a solar system. In fact, Arizona ranks fifth on the list of states with the most solar energy.

For residents of Arizona, there are solar power companies that provide service in Tucson, Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, and beyond. How can you be sure you're choosing the best solar installer? In this article, we'll highlight our top 10 Arizona solar companies.

Our Picks for the Top Solar Companies in Arizona

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  • Arizona Solar Wave & Energy
  • Sunrun
  • Sunpro Solar
  • Sun Valley Solar Solutions
  • Verde Solar Power
  • Arizona Southwest Solar & Electric
  • Arizona Solar Concepts
  • Solar Topps
  • Arizona Energy Pros
  • Streamline Solar Power

How We Chose the Best Solar Energy Companies in Arizona

Before sharing our picks for Arizona's best solar contractors, it's important to highlight some of the criteria we used. When comparing different solar energy providers, there are quite a few factors to keep in mind.

Services Offered

Keep in mind that different solar energy companies are going to offer slightly different services. Design and installation of solar paneling is one thing, but will the company also help install battery storage and an EV charging station for your electric car? Will they provide windows or weatherization to help boost your household energy efficiency? You want to choose a full-service solar company whenever possible.

Installation Process

Before you hire a solar roofing company, it's helpful to ask about the installation process. Find out what the customization and design elements will encompass. Also find out whether the installation will be handled by trained and salaried employees, or by solar contractors.

Coverage Area

While some companies may offer coverage across the state, others may be limited to a particular market. If you live in Tempe, it may not do you much good to hire a solar company that's only active in Glendale. Always confirm the scope of coverage before hiring a solar energy provider.

Pricing and Financing

Installing solar equipment can cost a lot (more than $10,000) on the front end, but may ultimately pay for itself in terms of tax incentives and monthly electric bill savings. If that initial investment is a bit steep for you, you can always ask about payment plans and solar leasing opportunities.

Professional Reputation

To ensure that the solar provider you hire is reputable and trustworthy, we recommend hiring a company that's held in high regard within the industry. Specifically, look for a provider with Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) affiliation and North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certification.

Technology Portfolio

It may also be useful to determine if the company you hire uses a trusted brand of solar paneling; for certain brand names like Tesla and Panasonic, the company must be certified to install these panels.

Rebates and Tax Credits

As we mentioned, there are rebates and tax incentives to help offset the initial cost of your solar installation. Look for a solar power company that can help you navigate these offers and obtain the savings you need.


Most solar installers will include a warranty on their technology, with 25 year warranties being the industry norm. These warranties can give some much-needed peace of mind on both the technology and workmanship behind your new photovoltaic system.

The 10 Best Solar Energy Companies in Arizona

Arizona Solar Wave & Energy

Arizona Solar Wave & Energy is a top-rated solar contractor in the state. They provide best-in-class customer service and also assist customers looking to navigate all the different rebate and incentive offers. With 17 years in the industry, Arizona Solar Wave & Energy has experience helping homeowners make the switch to solar. They are NABCEP-certified, and offer free repair and maintenance for the life of your solar system.


Sunrun has long been a leading name in the solar industry. They offer virtual consultations and custom solar designs, allowing you to be involved in the development of your home energy solution from the ground up. We also like them for their first-rate customer service guarantees, their generous tech portfolio, and their prestigious reputation within the industry.

Sunpro Solar

Sunpro Solar is active in 22 states, and their goal is to make the solar energy transition as simple, seamless, and cost-effective as possible. Sunpro's installers will present you with a free quote for your system, and also offer you support in claiming clean energy tax incentives, including the state's property tax exemption. Sunpro boasts a ton of positive customer reviews, testifying to their high standards of service.

Sun Valley Solar Solutions

Sun Valley Solar Solutions made our list because they utilize the very best in solar technology. They are certified Tesla Solar Roof and Tesla Powerwall installers. Additionally, they go out of their way to help you find affordable solutions and claim any savings opportunities that are available to you. Sun Valley Solar Solutions professionals are NABCEP-certified and offer award-winning customer service.

Verde Solar Power

Verde Solar Power is another company that's native to Arizona, and covers areas including Sedona, Cottonwood, Camp Verde, and more. This company helps Arizonans take advantage of the 300+ days of sunlight they get each year, with custom energy solutions that allow for clean and affordable home power. They are NABCEP-certified and offer a free solar solar assessment.

Arizona Southwest Solar & Electric

Arizona Southwest Solar & Electric is one of the most experienced solar installers serving the southwestern part of the state. True to the company's name, they provide both solar power as well as comprehensive electrical services as needed. We'll also note that they have a very admirable mission statement, with a commitment to clean and renewable energy solutions. These are just a few of the reasons why Arizona Southwest Solar & Electric makes our list.

Arizona Solar Concepts

If you're seeking an experienced solar company with deep roots in AZ, Arizona Solar Concepts is a must. This family-owned and operated company has been serving local homeowners since 2006, and in that time, they have helped more than 5,000 Arizonans make the switch to solar power. They are offer high-quality solar technology as well as generous warranties and guarantees, and are Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers and SunPower Master Certified.

Solar Topps

Solar Topps provides easy and efficient consultation, fast installation, and customer support representatives who are available 24/7. They are also authorized dealers of some of the top solar panel brands on the market today, including Panasonic and Enphase. Finally, they offer a lot of really helpful information on their website, including a calculator that will generate an instant quote for solar services.

Arizona Energy Pros

Arizona Energy Pros, a company that's been around since 1977, is one of the most experienced solar providers on the market. This is a comprehensive home energy company, and a lot of their services involves electrical work, but they also offer solar energy services. Arizona Energy Pros has excellent financing options, including opportunities to get solar installation with zero money down. Note that they are only available in the Phoenix area.

Streamline Solar Power

Streamline Solar Power is a solar installation company serving Valley Wide, Tucson, Yuma, and surrounding areas. They are authorized dealers for some of the top solar panel brands, including Tesla, and they custom-design and install every system themselves. If you're looking for an all-in-one, AZ-owned solar company, this is an excellent pick.

Free Quote: See How Much You Can Save on Solar Panels in Arizona

Fill out this 30-second form to get a quote from one of the best solar energy companies in Arizona. You could save up to $2,500 each year on your electric bills and receive both federal and state tax rebates.

What are the Benefits of Going Solar in Arizona?

By making the switch to solar energy, you can potentially reduce your household utility bills considerably, even eliminating month-to-month energy expenses altogether.

Even more importantly, switching to solar energy can help you to minimize your environmental footprint. For those looking to break away from polluting fuel sources, embracing solar power is a no-brainer.

There aren't many states that get as many days of consistent sunshine as Arizona, meaning that it's easy to generate household power harnessed purely from the sun.

The biggest advantage to doing so is that it allows you to utilize renewable energy sources as opposed to toxic fossil fuels.

How Much Does a Solar Energy System Cost in Arizona?

Solar costs can vary from home to home, depending on factors like your household energy use, sun exposure, and the surface area of your roof. With that said, the average price for going solar is around $13,000. Note that once you factor in tax incentives and rebates, that price should drop by several thousand dollars. And of course, those monthly utility savings will ultimately offset the cost of solar installation.

Going solar requires an investment, and it won't pay for itself overnight, but with so many tax rebates and other incentives, many Arizonans find it to be more than cost-effective.

Going Solar in the Grand Canyon State

Making the switch to solar energy can be a great choice not just financially but also ecologically. And for those who live in Arizona, the opportunities to transition to solar power are bright.

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