Top 5 Best Solar Companies In Boise, Idaho (2022 Review)

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Switching to or incorporating renewable, sustainable energy into your home is a massive undertaking, not to mention a considerable investment. Here at EcoWatch, we know what to look for in a solar company, so we’ve narrowed down the five best solar companies in Boise, Idaho, for you.

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What Are the Top 5 Solar Companies in Boise, Idaho?

The chart below offers an “at a glance” look at each of the EcoWatch team’s picks for the best solar companies in Boise, Idaho, along with a link to our solar company matching tool. Because of the brand authority we have in the solar space, we’re often able to get better pricing and deals for our readers.

We understand that solar technologies can be an expensive home improvement investment, so we want to ensure you choose a company that best fits your needs. Our EcoWatch Award column can help narrow down your search, as it points out which company is the best for a certain focus area. For a more detailed view of each company, continue reading beyond the chart. 

CompanySolar ServicesWarranty CoverageBBB RatingYear Founded
Blue Raven SolarSolar panel installations; system monitoring10-year workmanship warranty; 25-year product warranty; 2-year production guaranteeA+2014
Intermountain Wind and SolarSolar panel, battery and EV charger installations; energy monitoring; roof repair and general contracting10-year comprehensive warranty; additional product-specific warrantiesA+2008
EGT SolarSolar panel and battery installations10-year workmanship warranty; additional  product-specific warrantiesA+2010
Pell SolarSolar panel and battery installationsMinimum 25-year manufacturers warrantyA2003
Altenergy IncorporatedSolar panel and battery installations10-year workmanship warranty; additional  product-specific warrantiesNot Rated2004

Before we get started, we’ll note that the meticulous selection process we use ranks the best solar companies in the area. You may find popular brands like Vivint Solar aren’t included in our reviews. We purposely omitted companies from our list due to ongoing lawsuits, poor customer service in a certain area and other issues. 

1. Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar is a highly-rated solar company that services over a dozen states across the nation. It makes solar panel installation incredibly easy and efficient for homeowners, with a reputation for excellent customer service.

Customers can get peace of mind knowing their Blue Raven solar installation is protected by multiple warranties: a 10-year workmanship warranty, 25-year product warranty and a 2-year production guarantee. 

The 10-year workmanship warranty ensures any issues with the installation itself are resolved, such as roofing damage or wiring malfunctions. The 25-year warranty is the manufacturer’s warranty, which covers issues surrounding the manufacturing of the panels. The 2-year production guarantee ensures the solar energy system will produce the estimated amount of energy. If it doesn’t, the company will upgrade your system to cover the difference at no charge. 

Blue Raven also offers in-house solar financing via its BluePower Plus and StartSmart programs. BluePower Plus allows homeowners to pay $0 for the first 18 months of their system, while SmartStart gives customers an extended low-interest period. This makes solar power accessible to more homeowners.

Click here for the Blue Raven Solar’s full review.

Pros for Blue Raven Solar

We rate Blue Raven one of the best solar companies in Boise, Idaho, for several reasons. Some of the benefits customers enjoy include:

  • Thorough in-house financing plans to help homeowners save money on solar
  • Referral program through which customers earn $250 for each referral given to the company
  • Outstanding customer reviews

Cons for Blue Raven Solar

There are a few downsides to Blue Raven’s solar services, as with most services. While these factors may not affect everyone, they’re something to keep in mind.

  • Doesn’t offer solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPAs)
  • Production warranty is short compared to most competitors

Facts and Figures: Blue Raven Solar

EcoWatch Rating4.5
Better Business Bureau (BBB) RatingA+
Year Founded2014
Solar ServicesSolar panel installations; system monitoring
Brands of Solar Equipment OfferedTrina Solar, Canadian Solar, SunPower
Financing OptionsCash payments, loans

2. Intermountain Wind and Solar

Intermountain Wind and Solar is a Boise solar company dedicated to promoting renewable energy in both residential and commercial settings. It helps customers save money and cut back on carbon emissions through solar system installation

The company offers a few other services besides solar, including roofing and general contracting. In terms of solar, it installs solar panels and solar batteries

Intermountain Wind and Solar has an easy-to-understand, six-step solar installation process. First, a company representative will complete an at-home consultation. From there, they’ll design a custom system for your home. 

Afterward, they’ll review financing options with you so that you understand the fine print, total installation costs and how much you will save on energy costs. On top of the federal solar tax credit that’s available to all U.S. homeowners, Idaho provides various incentives and rebates to its residents. Intermountain Wind and Solar can walk you through all Idaho solar incentives and ensure you’re taking advantage of what you’re eligible for.

Once that’s done, the following steps include filing the proper permits and completing paperwork. Certified solar pros come to your home, install the system and then complete post-installation repairs and maintenance. 

Pros for Intermountain Wind and Solar

There are numerous components to consider when choosing the most suitable solar company. Here are a few of Intermountain Wind and Solar’s high points:

  • Representatives are well-versed in tax incentives for Boise residents
  • Installs Tesla Powerwalls and other popular batteries for those who want to store their solar for use at night or during power outages
  • Offers services beyond solar, such as general contracting and roof repairs

Cons for Intermountain Wind and Solar

These downfalls may not be a big deal for some people, but it’s good to be aware of them:

  • Doesn’t offer solar leases or PPAs
  • Below-average warranty coverage

Facts and Figures: Intermountain Wind and Solar

EcoWatch Rating4.5
BBB RatingA+
Year Founded2008
Solar ServicesSolar panel, battery and EV charger installations; energy monitoring; roof repair and general contracting
Brands of Solar Equipment OfferedEnphase, SunPower, SMA, SolarEdge, Canadian Solar, Outback Power Systems, Silfab, Solar Bridge, Sonnen, Panasonic, Tesla, REC, LG
Financing OptionsCash purchase, loans

3. EGT Solar Inc.

EvenGreen Technologies, also known as EGT Solar, is a highly rated solar company serving Idaho. One aspect that sets it apart from the majority of solar companies is its installation process. 

Some companies outsource the installation to third-party contractors, but EGT Solar handles the entire process from start to finish.

This means you’re guaranteed experienced technicians and electricians — and a significantly lower chance of installation errors. It also helps ensure the long-term integrity of your system. The company uses high-quality North American-made solar components, further bolstering the system’s lifespan. 

EGT Solar makes the entire process simple for the customer. The first step is a SmartSolar evaluation. An EGT Solar representative analyzes your electrical system and spends about an hour educating you on your system options. They will gather all necessary information before providing a price quote that accurately represents your system. 

Once the evaluation is complete, EGT Solar’s team members handle the advanced system design process. From there, the installation process begins, which EGT’s team also handles. 

After installation, your local jurisdiction and Idaho power company will inspect the system. The power company will connect you to its power grid and the net metering program (if applicable) and turn on the system, enabling power production and lowering your use of fossil fuels. Just like that, you start saving money on electric bills.

Pros for EGT Solar Inc.

EGT Solar is one of Idaho’s top-rated solar installation companies, and for good reason. It offers numerous services that make the entire process straightforward. Some of the benefits of working with EGT Solar include: 

  • Offers solutions for residential, commercial and agricultural solar customers
  • In-house technicians and representatives are well-versed in solar policy and installation
  • Simple installation process

Cons for EGT Solar Inc.

Like any other company, EGT Solar falls short in a few areas. Though these factors may not be make-or-break for many people, here are a few things to be aware of:

  • Short warranty period compared to some competitors
  • Doesn’t offer solar leases or PPAs

Facts and Figures: EGT Solar Inc.

EcoWatch Rating4.0
BBB RatingA+
Year Founded2010
Solar ServicesSolar panel and battery installations
Brands of Solar Equipment OfferedPanasonic, Solaria, Enphase, Silfab and more
Financing OptionsCash payments, loans

4. Pell Solar

Pell Solar is a highly-rated solar company servicing Canada, California and Idaho. Its seasoned professionals have been installing solar since 2003, far before some other of the best solar companies in Boise, Idaho. 

With its extensive experience, the company designed an easy, streamlined process to make the installation easier for homeowners like you. There are three primary steps: initial contact, paperwork and installation.

After you reach out to the company, the team begins creating a customized solar solution that will accommodate the unique needs of your home and family. 

Finishing the paperwork is the next step. Although it seems like it could be a daunting, mundane process, Pell Solar makes it easy. The team of specialists uses your solar system blueprint to provide you with all the necessary paperwork and walks you through what you need to know. The best part? Pell’s solar specialists handle the cumbersome parts; all you need to do is sign on the dotted line. 

Once the solution is drawn up and the paperwork is filed, the installation process begins. After installation is complete and the system passes inspection, you can start saving on power costs for many years to come. 

Pros for Pell Solar

Pell Solar is an appealing choice for many locals as it offers numerous benefits. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Pell Solar:

  • No outsourcing work with subcontractors
  • Local, family-owned business
  • Custom designs specific to your home’s needs 

Cons for Pell Solar

Although Pell Solar excels in some areas, it falls short in others. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering Pell Solar: 

  • Need to contact company for panel availability
  • No workmanship warranty reported on website

Facts and Figures: Pell Solar

EcoWatch Rating4.0
BBB RatingA
Year Founded2003
Solar ServicesSolar panel and battery installations
Brands of Solar Equipment OfferedVaries
Financing OptionsCash payments, loans, leasing

5. Altenergy Incorporated

Altenergy Incorporated offers various solar services to promote sustainable energy. The company is highly rated due to its professionalism, transparency and quality of service. It is committed to its customers and focuses on providing stellar, personalized service to each and every homeowner. 

While some companies pressure their customers to make a decision, Altenergy understands the importance of the decision to go solar, as well as the cost commitment it takes. 

The company strives to provide all of the information you ask for and give you plenty of time to make your decision. Furthermore, once Altenergy creates a quote, it stands by it, promoting pricing transparency. 

Altenergy solely has its own team members work on your solar project. In other terms, there won’t be any subcontractors handling the evaluation, installation, or any other part of the process. 

Customers can get even more peace of mind knowing their Altenergy solar system is covered under warranty. In addition to the standard 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts, Altenergy also offers a 10-year warranty covering parts and labor. 

Pros for Altenergy

Altenergy Incorporated is an excellent option for your home solar needs in Boise, Idaho. Some of the high points of Altenergy’s services include:

  • Various financing options to accommodate different needs
  • Offers commercial and residential solar services

Cons for Altenergy

Of course, Altenergy Incorporated has some slight downfalls. While it is a highly-rated company and has earned such status, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Not much information about services available online

Facts and Figures: Altenergy

EcoWatch Rating3.5
BBB RatingNot Rated
Year Founded2004
Solar ServicesSolar panel and battery installations
Brands of Solar Equipment OfferedVaries
Financing OptionsCash purchases, loans

EcoWatch Criteria for Selecting the Top Solar Companies in Boise, Idaho

Our EcoWatch solar experts live and breathe solar technology and know all the ins and outs of the industry. You can rest assured that when rating and ranking the best solar companies in Boise, Idaho, we’ve considered every significant aspect that goes into solar system installations. Here are the top criteria we use for our reviews:


The warranty is vital in selecting the top solar companies in Boise, Idaho. Why is this important for working with solar companies? It’s crucial to select a company that backs its photovoltaic products, as this means it believes in the integrity and quality of its equipment and workmanship and is willing to fix any issues that arise. 

The best installers offer excellent warranties that go above and beyond what their competitors may offer.

Year Founded

There are many “fly by night” companies popping up nationwide, including in Idaho. Although this factor can be subjective based on the case, the founding year generally tells us a lot about the business. 

Solar companies that aren’t new to the scene generally know their trade and have past clientele to back up their quality, performance, installation longevity and more. Long-standing companies know the industry, the rules and regulations, and the best solutions for you as an individual. 

Think of it like this: When you first start a new job in a new industry, there’s a good chance you know little about it. However, once you’ve been in the industry for several years, you learn the technicalities of the trade. The same concept applies to solar companies — new solar installers ones can overlook something simple, leading to major hang-ups or issues down the road. 

Services Offered

We also consider the variety of services the company offers. While this may not seem like an aspect worth considering, we think it is an integral part of the elimination process. It helps us narrow down our search to the companies that stand out in an overcrowded marketplace. Full-service solar installers that also offer things like general contracting and roof repair usually score well with us.

Solar Panels Offered

Naturally, some panel brands — and inverter and battery brands — are of better quality than others. This is something we look for when determining our top choices. If you want the best solar panels for your home, you’ll need to find an installer that offers the brand you’re looking for. Installers that offer more brands typically offer more customization for each home.

Industry Affiliations

The solar panel company’s industry affiliations are another factor we consider in our process. They help bolster the integrity of the company. Affiliations we look for include those with local business groups, charitable contributions, power companies, local unions, city or state governments, and so forth. We also look at whether a company has technicians certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

Size of Company

The size of a company also plays a role in our rating process. There’s nothing wrong with small, local companies. With that said, larger companies may be able to serve you faster than smaller companies. We recommend contacting a couple of each to see which best fits your needs.

Solar Pricing and Financing

Solar panel systems are a large investment, and in some cases, the homeowner may not be able to pay for the system upfront. This is why pricing and financing are essential components of the selection process. 

Financing options are critical. Given how expensive solar systems can be, it’s essential a company offers some semblance of financing options, like low-interest loans, solar leases and more.

We also favor companies that are transparent and upfront about their pricing scales. However, solar quotes are highly personalized, and we recognize installers need to evaluate your home before offering you an accurate quote.

EcoWatch FAQ: Best Solar Companies in Boise, Idaho

Here are some of the questions we typically get about the best solar installers in Boise.

How do I find the most affordable solar company in Boise?

This question is tricky simply because quotes will vary widely based on your particular scenario. Our best advice is to compare quotes from several companies in Boise, then proceed with the one with the one that offers the best value for you.

Who is the most experienced solar installer in Boise?

Out of our top recommended companies in Boise, Pell Solar is the most experienced solar installer. The company has been in business and installing home solar systems since 2003. 

What distinguishes the best solar companies in Boise?

Several factors distinguish the best solar companies in Boise, Idaho. For example, warranty coverage, years in business, customer ratings, BBB ratings and the like play a prominent role in setting the best solar companies apart from the sub-par options.

What is the most important factor when choosing the best solar company in Boise?

The most important factor when choosing the best solar company in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Garden City or surrounding areas is subjective based on what you’re looking for. 

For example, if you need a budget-friendly option, price will likely be your most important factor. Or, if you’re looking for a long-lasting, durable system, you’ll want to pay attention to the warranty coverage.

Does solar panel selection matter when choosing a solar installer in Idaho?

Yes, as we said above, some brands are better than others. Additionally, a wide range of solar panel options can accommodate the needs of various scenarios. So, it is something to keep in mind when selecting the company you want to work with. 

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