4 Best Lawn Care Companies & Services in Arlington, TX [2022 Review]

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We know lawn care isn’t the most eco-friendly practice, but here at EcoWatch, we’re all about finding sustainable solutions. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you find the best lawn care company in Arlington that keeps the health of the planet top of mind. 

In an ideal world, we’d support all Arlington residents in planting native grasses or vegetable gardens, but not all cities encourage the same practices. In Arlington, certain city codes can mandate that the growth of lawns and grasses in a community remain clean and uniform.1 So no matter our preferences, residential lawn care looks like it will be a mainstay of the city for the foreseeable future. We’re here to help you find the best lawn care services in Arlington that take a more environmentally friendly approach to yard maintenance.

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What Are the Top 4 Lawn Care Companies in Arlington?

  • Sunday: Best DIY Service
  • Lawnbright: Best for Weed Prevention
  • Chop Chop Landscaping: Best Local Company
  • TruGreen (TruNatural): Best Availability 

Sunday: Best DIY Service

Sunday Lawn Care offers a forward-thinking subscription-based model with customizable, eco-friendly lawn care packages. Via satellite imagery, lawn samples and local data, Sunday designs nutrient packages based on the specific needs of your lawn. These packages can be directly attached to a hose and applied throughout your lawn. As you’re doing the work yourself, you’ll cut down on costs and the hassle associated with hiring a team to come to your home.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) RatingNot Rated
Year Started2019
Price RangeSubscriptions $119/year, plus a la carte products ranging from $31-$60
What We Like About SundayCommitment to sustainable lawn solutions with all-natural products and environmental impact reports
What Could Be ImprovedOnly offers hands-off, DIY services, which may not work for every homeowner

Sunday Environmental Impact 

Sunday prides itself on supporting rich, healthy, drought-resistant soil that will make your lawn self-sustaining over time. When properly executed, the process strengthens your soil without adding unnecessary fertilizers that can seep into your local watershed. You can read Sunday’s full environmental impact report here

Sunday Services & Pricing

With Sunday’s subscription-based service, you’ll receive products designed specifically to the profile of your soil and lawn care needs. If you’d prefer to do without the annual subscription, Sunday also makes specific products available for purchase.

Here’s a quick glimpse at Sunday’s products and pricing:

  • Custom lawn care subscription: Starts at $119 per year
  • Dandelion Doom Herbicide Set: $32
  • Weed Warrior Herbicide Set: $32
  • Fescue Rescue Grass Seed (5 lbs): $31
  • Bug Doom Home Barrier Sprayer: $60

Our Take on Sunday

Sunday’s mission is to remove the harsh and unnecessary aspects of traditional lawn care we associate with fertilizers, weed prevention and maintenance. The company aims to help homeowners strengthen their soil’s health without compromising performance by working with organic nutrient packages. 

In our eyes, Sunday’s environmental transparency and creativity raise the bar when it comes to protecting your lawn and your local environment. In its environmental impact report, Sunday shows that its customers helped to offset the use of close to 60,000 pounds of pesticides in 2021.2

If you’re concerned about compromising performance by working without professionals, customers are clearly satisfied with Sunday’s products relative to its competitors. With nearly 4,000 customer reviews to date, the company enjoys a 4.5-star rating on its website. 

Chop Chop Landscaping: Best Local Company

Unlike most of the other companies on this list, Chop Chop is a full landscaping company that offers comprehensive lawn care services. This makes Chop Chop a good candidate for homeowners who might prefer customized solutions or services beyond simple lawn care (think sprinklers, solar lights, organic landscaping, etc). Owned and operated in Arlington, Chop Chop’s team members are familiar with the local climate and soil conditions to get the best out of your lawn. 

BBB RatingA+
Year Started2016
Price RangeVaries based on services
What We Like About Chop Chop LandscapingOffers a complete line of organic lawn care products, as well as analyses on sustainable improvements for your lawn
What Could Be ImprovedDetails regarding pricing are very difficult to find — to get a quote, you need to disclose your phone number and email

Chop Chop Landscaping Environmental Impact

Though Chop Chop does not offer a glimpse into its environmental impact, it does offer a full line of organic lawn care and landscaping services, including: 

  • Organic landscaping
  • Organic lawn care
  • Organic lawn maintenance
  • Organic mosquito control
  • Organic weed control
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Organic seeding
  • Organic pest control
  • Outdoor home solar lighting

Chop Chop Landscaping Services & Pricing

As part of its lawn care services, Chop Chop offers the following:

  • Lawn maintenance
  • Lawn mowing
  • Hydroseeding
  • Overseeding
  • Fertilizing
  • Mulch
  • Lawn aeration
  • Sod
  • Blend seeding
  • Sprinkler system installations and repairs

With such a wide variety of services and the ability to customize solutions, it’s difficult to provide estimates on what your services may cost. However, Chop Chop provides free estimates based on a brief questionnaire on its website.

Our Take on Chop Chop Landscaping

Of any of the companies making our list, Chop Chop offers the greatest breadth of services in Arlington. We recommend Chop Chop to homeowners with needs spanning beyond simple mowing and maintenance. No matter what you might have in mind for your lawn or backyard, Chop Chop is sure to offer a solution for you. 

Chop Chop is also locally owned and operated, with a long history of success working with the sandy loam soil of Arlington. 

Lawnbright: Best for Weed Prevention

Lawnbright’s DIY subscription packages remove chemicals and toxins from typical lawn care ingredients to keep your soil naturally healthy. The company sends its customers product packages every eight weeks with all-organic lawn fertilizers and soil conditioners, stimulating natural growth and weed prevention. Every custom lawn care product is designed based on the results of a brief questionnaire you’ll take prior to payment, describing your yard’s current condition and needs. Lawnbright also provides a soil sample kit in your first delivery so you can send in a sample for evaluation.

BBB RatingNot Rated
Year Started2006
Price RangeSubscription packages begin at around $200 annually, plus additional options ranging from $28-$65
What We Like About LawnbrightIn addition to the convenience of its services, Lawnbright’s products contain all-natural ingredients including kelp, cedar oil and cornmeal
What Could Be ImprovedRelative to its other DIY competitors, Lawnbright’s price tag runs a little on the higher side

LawnBright Environmental Impact

LawnBright’s all-natural ingredients help the company with its goal of making lawn care more sustainable. By prioritizing soil and humus health, it does an excellent job of targeting the aspects of a lawn that contribute to its long-term health and prosperity. While it doesn’t provide an impact report like its other DIY competitor, Sunday, the company lists all ingredients for its products on its website.

Lawnbright Services & Pricing

Lawnbright sends its customers customized packages of soil conditioners every two months, not including the winter months. Its “Lawn Intelligence” program offers a unique selling point relative to its competitors, notifying you of best practices based on season and location. This intelligent lawn care becomes of special significance in Arlington, where soil has lower levels of organic matter and overfertilization can be an issue.

Further, Lawnbright offers consulting services through its Turf Team of lawn care professionals, though pricing is vague since the depth of these services will vary based on each customer’s needs. Lawnbright also offers treatments targeting crabgrass, weeds and pet spot repair.

Here’s what we found when evaluating Lawnbright’s products and pricing:

  • Custom Lawn Care Plan: About $200 per year
  • Organic Pre-Emergent Weed Control (32 oz): $65
  • Organic Mosquito and Tick Control (32 oz): $35
  • Pet Spot Repair (32 oz): $28

Our Take on Lawnbright

Lawnbright understands that property owners must start by nurturing their soil rather than their grass. Its high-quality products contain low amounts of nitrogen, which helps offset nutrient runoff and grasses growing a dependency on additional treatments. By focusing instead on improving soil conditions and naturally crowding out weeds, your lawn will need less irrigation and grow more resilient to droughts and diseases that can occur in Arlington.

TruGreen (TruNatural): Best Availability

TruGreen provides a full range of expert lawn care services across all 50 states, earning it a spot among the country’s best lawn care providers. In addition to its expansive service area, TruGreen has almost 50 years of experience offering a wide spectrum of quality services. Although not all of the company’s practices are environmentally friendly, it does offer a TruNatural plan that uses 100% organic products.

BBB RatingA+
Year Started1973
Geographic AvailabilityAll 50 states
Price Range$400-$1,500 per year depending on plan and location
What We Like About TruGreenFull-service lawn care company with a long-standing reputation; tried-and-true nationwide services
What Could Be ImprovedFor a company the size of TruGreen, its transparency surrounding sustainability leaves much to be desired

TruGreen Environmental Impact

Given the environmental concerns surrounding lawn care, we’re happy to see that TruGreen describes its commitments to the environmental impacts of its services. It has made efforts to reduce its use of fossil fuels, worked toward more efficient routing, and has helped work with local organizations to work toward more sensible lawn care policies.

For a company of its size, however, we think it would be capable of releasing a full impact report. That being said, you can look into the company’s environmental and community commitments here.  

TruGreen Services & Pricing

TruGreen’s pricing will depend on various factors, mostly the size of your lawn, its location and the depth of services it will require. We should note that we only recommend TruGreen’s TruNatural plan, as all others involve chemical fertilizers or synthetic ingredients.

For a half-acre lawn in Arlington and its surrounding areas, TruGreen’s TruNatural plan is one of the more expensive options, adding up to roughly $1,300 per year. For comparison, TruGreen’s TruHealth Lawn Care Plan would cost $730 for the same lawn.

Our Take on TruGreen

TruGreen provides professional yard maintenance services to homes and businesses across the country. WIth base plans involving fertilization, weed control, aeration, overseeding and soil analyses, the company takes a science-based approach to maintaining your lawn’s well-being. It also provides lime soil amendments, tree trimming, yard clean-up, shrub maintenance and pest control.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Care Company

So, how do you find the best lawn care company for your home with so many to choose from? Beyond a price tag, there are a handful of factors that might make your experience more or less worthwhile. These include:

Variety of Services

The type of services best for you primarily depend on the current condition of your lawn. Unless you’re very sure of which services you need, it can make the most sense to choose a provider that offers a breadth of services. The following services are typical for lawn care services in Arlington.

  • Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Fertilization
  • Weed control
  • Soil pH control
  • Lawn mowing services
  • Shrub trimming
  • Fire ant control

Give some thought to how much time and money you want to invest in your yard. Do you prefer getting your hands dirty, or do you like to hire someone else to take on the brunt of the work? Do you prefer a one-time service, or do you like the weekly or biweekly care? Keep in mind that companies may tempt you to buy extra services that the average homeowner won’t find helpful. We know most readers aren’t lawn experts themselves, but it’s advisable to have a decent idea of what you need before getting a quote. Most homeowners won’t require much beyond weed control, routine mowing and fertilization. 

Product Ingredients

With so much lawn care involving fertilizing, weed and pest control, the ingredients that a company uses may carry the most importance when it comes to the health of your lawn and surrounding environment. As a result, we firmly recommend companies and products made with all organic ingredients. But even then, excessive application of fertilizers or pesticides (even organic) can be harmful. Most reputable providers will display the ingredients in their products online (and if they don’t, there’s probably a reason), so make sure to either check or ask prior to making a hire. 

Here’s an insider tip as well: Take a closer look into lawn care products that are described as “organic” or “all natural,” as all that might mean is they were minimally processed. There could still be small amounts of toxins in there.

Company Size and Availability

It’s also worth considering the size and accessibility of lawn care companies in Arlington while picking the best for your needs. Larger providers ordinarily offer more extensive offerings — sometimes even including things like commercial property lawn care and hardscaping — and quicker services since they have a larger base of resources. But you may not need all that comes with a larger company. 

Here at EcoWatch, we typically support choosing a local provider, as they may have a better sense of your soil profile and the techniques that support local biodiversity such as native plants and irrigation techniques. Local service also tends to be more prompt and personalized. 

Professionalism and Experience

Whether you’re hiring a large company to handle tree services, hardscaping and planting or just a mom and pop shop with a few mowers, experience matters. 

Some of the biggest issues we see with disappointed customers stem from a lack of professionalism on the job. This can go beyond loud equipment or a lack of uniforms. We’ve run into companies that outsource their sales team, leading to poor communication and customer service. Lack of professionalism can also lead to scheduling errors, late arrivals or long wait times. 

Arlington lawn care services with over 10 years of experience are more likely to offer efficient and effective service, and you can get a better idea of a provider’s reputation with several years’ worth of customer reviews.

Customer Reviews 

If you’re reading this far down on our page, it’s clear that you’re doing your research properly. Therefore, you probably don’t need us to tell you that reading customer reviews offers a fantastic way to get a good idea of how a company goes about its business. In addition to Google reviews, you can find reviews and complaints through the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trustpilot, Facebook and other platforms.


Lawn care requires a big investment of both time and money. The reason we write these articles is to provide the best home service experiences possible to our eco-conscious readers, and we’d be disappointed to hear if you receive anything less than that. 

A good way to ensure that you’ll end up happy with your provider is to check that it offers a satisfaction guarantee. For example, TruGreen and Sunday each offer guarantees of this type. Something to note, however, is that many of these guarantees will only be valid for a period of a few weeks to a month. 

How Much Does Lawn Care Cost?

Costs will depend on several factors, mainly the size, location and needs of your lawn. If you require services like gutter cleaning, fall cleanup and landscape maintenance in addition to mowing, you’re likely to have a much higher price tag. As a result, it’s tough to tell you just how much each company will charge you. 

However, most services typically range between $50 and $100 per visit, and you can keep costs down if you choose to go with a subscription-based, annual plan. Naturally, taking the work on yourself will cut down on costs relative to hiring a team of professionals to come out to your home. 

We analyzed the costs involved with the average half-acre lawn in Arlington. If your lawn is larger, expect costs to rise. 

Arlington Lawn Care ServiceAverage Cost
Lawn mowing$60 per week
Weeding$40 per hour
Leaf removal$300 per service
Fertilization$12 per hour
Tree and shrub care$450 per service
Aeration$125 per service

Lawn care companies will usually offer free quotes based on the size and condition of your lawn, in addition to what services you’re looking for. With modern technology, some companies can even use satellite imagery and local soil profiles to customize the best care for your yard. 

Final Thoughts

We can’t underestimate the difference that many small choices can add up over time. Caring for a typical lawn in America is usually far from a sustainable practice, but we know that our readers won’t all have the time or capability to turn their yard into an eco-friendly oasis full of pollinating flower beds. Despite this, there are a handful of easy steps you can take that do make a collective difference. Here are a few, as outlined by the EPA:

  • Use fertilizer responsibly
  • Don’t overwater your lawn 
  • Landscape with native plants

Choosing a professional lawn care provider, specifically one that knows the local conditions, can help you work toward a more environmentally-friendly, healthy lawn. 

How We Rate Lawn Services

In our efforts to find the best, most sustainable lawn care providers in Arlington, we have to evaluate a few factors. We definitely factor in environmental impact and transparency more than the average site, but we won’t sacrifice customer experience in the process. Here are the things we looked at most when ranking Arlington’s lawn care providers:

  • Natural care options
  • Trustworthiness
  • Variety of services (that are natural)
  • Guarantee
  • Availability 

FAQ: Lawn Care in Arlington, TX

What is a lawn care service?

Lawn care services include a range of processes based on improving the health, look and performance of your lawn. Typical services you’ll find include aeration, seeding, tree and shrub care, lime application, and weed control. Some providers will also provide landscape design, but most mainly focus on keeping your lawn healthy, well-maintained, lush and free of pests.

Are lawn care products safe?

In typical lawn care, the products and services involved carry a fairly harmful environmental impact. Though the best lawn care services will display all ingredients and offer organic alternatives to classic fertilizers and weed killers, some will claim they are “all natural” without doing anything to back that. In Arlington, we’re pleased to see a handful of companies beginning to alter their practices to adopt safer, more sustainable alternatives. 

Are lawn care services worth it?

Lawn care services are typically worth it for homeowners who place a tremendous amount of value on the look and condition of their lawns. However, if you’re a homeowner who doesn’t mind getting your hands dirty, DIY routes may be more worthwhile. With products from companies like Sunday and Lawnbright, you can get excellent, lower-cost alternatives to traditional lawn care that are a great option for budget-conscious homeowners who still want a good-looking lawn. In addition, spending time outdoors in your own lawn can boost your mental health and be very rewarding. 

Are the people doing the work in my yard properly trained?

The training of the team working in your yard will depend on the company that you hire. In most cases, providers will advertise any partnerships or qualifications that might prove their training. For example, TruGreen loves to advertise that their staff are professionally trained with PhD-backed qualifications.3  

Is organic lawn care better?

Without a doubt, organic lawn care is a better alternative to non-organic lawn care. Not only are organic products less harmful to yourself and the environment, but they can actually be more economical in the long run. Chemical fertilizers provide artificial nutrient boosts to grasses, trees and flowers but do nothing for the health of your soil. As a result, they will grow dependent on these fertilizers and require even higher amounts to maintain their health over time. 

How do I get a good lawn naturally?

A healthy lawn begins with healthy soil. We encourage readers to start with a soil test through a provider like Sunday or Lawnbright to get a good idea of what their soil needs. Once you’ve had your soil evaluated, you’ll have a much clearer idea of the best way to start naturally nourishing your lawn. 

The best way for a naturally healthy lawn is to plant native grasses that will thrive under the local conditions in Arlington. The Arlington website provides good resources on native grasses that will thrive with minimal maintenance.4

What are the best alternatives to lawns?

This is one of our favorite questions here at EcoWatch. The best alternative to a traditional lawn is to plant native grasses that can thrive in drought conditions and the natural soil profile in Arlington. A good place to start might be the Native Plant Society of Texas

Native grasses offer a variety of benefits including lessened dependence on irrigation and more resistance to drought, extreme heat and regional pests.

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