Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product Subscriptions

Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning & Household Subscriptions
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With a monthly subscription service, you can get the best household cleaning products delivered straight to your front door. Many of the top household cleaning subscription services offer products made with all-natural ingredients and biodegradable packaging, which means you can minimize your environmental footprint.

As you consider eco-friendly subscription services, it's a good idea to compare to find the best one for your home. See which eco-friendly cleaning subscriptions made our list and how we evaluated them below.

Our Picks for the Best Earth-Friendly Cleaning Product Subscriptions

Each product featured here has been independently selected by the writer. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

How We Chose the Best Green Cleaning Subscriptions

There are a number of factors that help separate the truly great cleaning subscription boxes from the merely good ones. Here are some of the aspects we considered for green cleaning products.

Variety of Cleaning Products

"Cleaning products" is a broad term, and there are plenty of different types of cleaners you might need to keep your house looking and smelling its best. We've tried to place an emphasis on subscription services that allow you to pick from a wide range of products, so that you can stockpile your cleaning supplies with just one single subscription.


When it comes to earth friendly products and cleaning supplies, one of the most important considerations of all is the ingredient list. We always recommend carefully reviewing ingredient lists to ensure that the product in question only uses earth biodegradable, water-soluble, cruelty-free, vegan, plant-based, and all-natural materials.


It's also important to double-check that the products you buy are made without any chemicals that could potentially be harmful, abrasive, or toxic. Specifically, keep an eye out for products made with parabens, phosphates, and sulfates, all of which can have a harmful effect on the environment. The subscription services we've listed showcase cleaning products that are free from these toxins.


If you really want to ensure that the product you're getting is eco-friendly, check for important certifications or seals of approval. Some of the most important ones include the EPA Safer Choice Standard, USDA Certified Biobased Product, and Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free.


As you seek cleaning products that are good for the planet, a central concern should be products that are packed and delivered in an environmentally friendly way. This might mean packaging that's recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, or even compostable. The important thing is to get cleaning products that won't create a lot of new plastic waste for landfills.

Price Point

How much are you willing to spend on your household cleaning products subscription? For our list, we've tried to prioritize subscription services that maximize value.

The Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product Subscriptions

We've vetted many of the top household cleaning subscription services, and these are the eco-friendly ones that impressed us the most.




Cleancult has risen to be one of the most recognizable and reliable names in eco-friendly cleaning products. We love that they have sustainability built into their packaging, their products are all made with plant-based ingredients, and they offer such an incredible range of cleaning products, including hand soap, laundry detergent, and dish soap. Cleancult promises "a new way to clean," and, in our opinion, they more than live up to that mission statement.

Why buy: Looking for all-natural, zero-waste cleaning products? You simply can't ignore Cleancult. We like their All Purpose Cleaner Bundle that includes a refillable glass bottle and recyclable refills.





Dropps offers natural cleaning products that can clean tough messes while being gentle on the environment. Their dishwasher detergent pods are made with natural minerals and plant-based ingredients, and the pod membrane itself dissolves when it comes in contact with water and is then consumed by microorganisms. These dishwasher pods are free from phosphates, phthalate, chlorine, and dyes. Dropps also offers reusable dish cloths that are biodegradable and compostable.

Why buy: Dropps dishwasher pods make it easy to keep your dishes clean while keeping harmful pollutants out of our water. We also love the compostable packaging and carbon-neutral shipping.


Package Free

Package Free


Package Free provides zero waste solutions for everything from home cleaning and laundry to health and beauty products. Their Zero Waste Cleaning Kit is a perfect way to overhaul your approach home cleaning. It includes a reusable dish brush, spray bottle, copper pot scrubber, UNpaper towels, and a mason jar soap dispenser that comes in a reusable produce bag. The spray bottle even features five different natural cleaning solution recipes with measurements printed on the bottle.

Why buy: The Package Free Zero Waste Cleaning Kit is a great way to start cleaning with less plastic, less chemicals, and less waste. They also offer wide selection of other zero waste household kits and products.


The Honest Company

The Honest Company


The Honest Company furnishes everything from baby products to beauty supplies, as well as many household cleaners. Their claim to fame is incredible transparency about their ingredients and packing materials, which attest to a real commitment to eco-friendliness. In addition to an impressive product variety, they also do a good job of keeping their price points low.

Why buy: The Honest Company can be counted on to provide effective products made with natural ingredients, all available for an affordable price. We love their refillable Clean Vibes Kit.


Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation


Seventh Generation is a big name within the sustainable cleaning products movement. Their products are notable for their plant-based formulations, emphasis on recycled packaging, and complete transparency about the ingredients they use. We love so many of their products, including both household cleaners and laundry detergents.

Why buy: Seventh Generation is easy to recommend thanks to their world-class, all-natural ingredients and sustainable packaging. Their all-purpose cleaners are a great biodegradable and bio-based option.


Grove Collaborative (Mrs. Meyers)

Grove Collaborative (Mrs. Meyers)


We're big fans of the Mrs. Meyer's product line, available from Grove Collaborative. Mrs. Meyer's products are made with natural, botanical ingredients and pleasing scents from essential oils. They are all designed without any cruelty to animals, and they come in recyclable packaging.

Why buy: Mrs. Meyer's excels thanks to its ingredient list, garden-inspired scents, and smart packaging. Check out the Kitchen Basics Sets, available in multiple scents.





At Blueland, you can get complete cleaning kits, supplying you with everything you need to maintain a tidy home. That includes powder dish soap, dishwasher tablets, reusable spray bottles, and beyond. Their products marry incredible cleaning power with eco-friendly packaging, green ingredients, and a very affordable price point. Blueland may be the one-stop-shop you've been looking for, and we are happy to recommend their refill-based product line.

Why buy: For green cleaning kits packaged in very stylish reusable bottles and containers, look no further than to Blueland. We love their Clean Essentials starter kit.





We like ThreeMain for their straightforward focus: to create simple, sustainable, and effective household cleaning products. We also love their emphasis on sanitization, something that many of us are more cognizant of post-COVID. Also note that their approach to eco-friendliness includes refillable bottles, a packaging solution that we endorse. There are some great options available from ThreeMain, and they are also carbon neutral and donate 3% of profits to organizations that work to protect and clean our oceans.

Why buy: ThreeMain lives up to their mission of providing simple, effective, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Their Clean Green Starter Kit is an excellent choice.





Next on our list is MightyNest, a company that delivers healthy and eco-friendly cleaning products that arrive each month in a single, well-packed box with minimalist packaging. Their website is also well-designed to help you discover the specific products you'd like to be included in your monthly box. MightyNest is definitely a cleaning company that gets the subscription model right, especially with their Refillable Zero Waste System starter pack.

Why buy: We like MightyNest for their eco-friendly packaging, their assortment of green and non-toxic cleaning supplies, and also the savings available to subscribers.



Puracy is a company specializing in natural and organic products for your home, including everything from hand sanitizers to stain removers. We love their commitment to all-natural ingredients, and that their products are made with the input of doctors, helping ensure the highest standards of sanitization and non-toxicity. The offer an amazing variety of products, including a really impressive line of eco-friendly baby supplies.

Why buy: We like Puracy because they have such a long list of products, including their Home Cleaning Box, all designed by doctors and made with household health and cleanliness in mind.





MyGreenFills is another company that enjoys a great reputation among shoppers who value eco-friendliness. For more than five years now, the company has been a dependable supplier of all-natural cleaning products, delivered in refillable and sustainable packaging. They've helped countless homeowners "go green" with their cleaning supplies, and we admire their product quality, sustainable packaging, and cost savings.

Why buy: MyGreenFills is a relatively small company that has had a massive impact on the green cleaning industry. Start with their Truly Free Everyday Cleaner and add other products as you go.





The greenUP company is on a mission to minimize plastic waste; you can join the cause simply by signing up for one of their subscription boxes. They send their sustainably crafted boxes every other month, always chock full of potent, eco-friendly cleaning supplies. We encourage you to learn more about these great boxes.

Why buy: Ready to ditch plastic packaging? Then greenUP is a subscription service you need to know about. They also donate 3% to organizations cleaning up plastic from the oceans.


How Does an Eco-Friendly Subscription Box Work?

With a subscription service for household cleaning products, you begin by selecting the specific cleaning products you need for your home, and also noting the frequency with which you want to have those cleaning supplies delivered.

In your first box, you will usually receive refillable spray bottles and other containers. Then, subsequent deliveries can provide you with cleaning product refills, minimizing the need for additional packaging and also cutting waste.

Naturally, you can augment or revise your subscription whenever you need to.

What are Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Made From?

As you consider environmentally friendly cleaning products, one of the most important factors of all is the ingredient list.

The best eco-friendly cleaning products include powerful ingredients that are all found in nature. These are frequently plant-based, but may also include minerals or essential oils. These ingredients tend to be biodegradable, which means they leave little or no ecological impact.

By contrast, artificial chemicals, like the ones used in more conventional cleaners, may linger for a long time in the water supply, in the ground, or in a landfill somewhere, and can potentially have a hazardous effect on the earth and its inhabitants.

Subscribe to the Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

As you seek to live a greener, more eco-conscious life, one of the smartest and most impactful things you can do is to sign up for a subscription service to make certain all your cleaning supplies are made with planetary concerns in mind.

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