13 Powerful Murals That Show Human’s Impact on the Earth


There are many different ways to get the message out about the environmental crisis. Some people turn to making a doomsday video. Some photograph the beauty of what we are trying to save—whether they be the ocean’s waves or a national park. Others use surreal images to show the toll humans have taken on the planet. A few have even created beautiful murals using public spaces to raise awareness about pressing issues such as the planet’s dwindling bee population. These images of street art from around the world are a striking reminder of humanity’s impact on the planet:

I Don’t Believe in Global Warming.

Photo credit: Banksy

Let’s Keep the Plants Alive.

Photo credit: Natalia Rak

Killing Ourselves.

Photo credit: Pejac

World Is Going Down the Drain.

Photo credit: Pejac

The Clock Is Ticking.

Photo credit: Blu

Urbanization Is Killing Us.

Photo credit: Blu

We’re Eating the Earth.

Photo credit: Nemos


Photo credit: Banksy

I remember when all this was trees.

Photo credit: Banksy

The Earth Is Being Killed.

Photo credit: Made In Pain

The World Is Burning.

Photo credit: Eduardo Kobra

The Earth Pie of Trash.

Photo credit: Blu

Eating the Earth.

Photo credit: Blu


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